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Performed by Brand New

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My opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/10

In my opinion, I feel that Lacey is frustrated with his uncertainty about God. He's possibly afraid to put his faith into something could possibly not exist. He's asking God for a sign so he knows he's not believing in something nonexistent. I think he wants to stop being indecisive about how he should be living his life and he's uncertaint about the afterlife. Lacey and I are in the same boat.

Heaven or Hell | Reviewer: Rachael | 4/23/10

Well, Jesus Christ I’m not scared to die
I’m a little bit scared of what comes after
Do I get the gold chariot
Do I float through the ceiling

I think that he isn't scared of dying hes just not sure where he will go when he dies, not sure if he is going to heaven or hell, gold chariot as in heaven and float through the ceiling as in hell as in hes a ghost, spirit.

ok | Reviewer: yupyuppp | 4/21/10

there are gonna be fights over religion in this song, i do believe it is about how he is torn between what he believes in and what he really wants from life... this song is right in many ways especially to me...

In my opinion... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/10

I think this song is about Jesse's internal struggle with religion. On one hand he wants to live a "full" life and do as much as he can, not focusing on religion. But on the other hand he wants to believe. The song is about how he wants to just know what to do, but there is no solution until death. And he doesn't want his life to be spent on something he's not sure about but, he knows that he needs to chose what to do because he's off track for both paths.

No one is perfect | Reviewer: Not Jesus | 3/24/10

Come in the night like a thief.

We all got wood, hahaha, and nails.

But with nobody in your bed the night is hard to get through.

Really the lyrics are up to how we choose to interpret it. People interpret what they read out of the big black book too, so unless you want to study the mind of the writer, you won't really know what the song means to the writer. Maybe the writer doesn't even know either, being just the vessel and not the maker.

Stupid people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/10

All of you fighting about being atheist, or saying this as such. You're all stupid. In the end we're all but matter. The same thing in the end. And matter cannot be destroyed. So we all end up somewhere. Nobody really knows though. So who are you to push your ways on anyone? Even though typing this may make me a hypocrite, it'll still make you think when you read it.

woot. | Reviewer: Blahface | 3/2/10

Ok honestly. instead of trying to figure out what the heck he's saying how about appreciating the music itself for what it is, instead of trying to pick apart their work? Because honestly, you people are all ridiculous in that aspect.

Wanna know what I think? he's talking about his in ability to figure out religion and whether or not he believes in it.

my interpretation | Reviewer: paulie | 2/22/10

jesse lacey talks about his former faith and his convictions about it. this track, being off the album entitled "the devil and God are raging inside me", already hints towards an inner struggle in his own life. lacey reveals his knowledge of the christian faith through numerous important one to notice is his track called, "seventy times seven", referencing a quote by Jesus who was talking about forgiveness. the song lacey wrote was about his friend stabbing him in the back. this track is about how he struggles between doing what he wants to do, and what he knows he should do. he still has the faith, but his own pride and selfish ways overpower that faith.

maybe. | Reviewer: skye | 2/7/10

maybe this song could be about how he believes he's been such a terrible person. he thinks he is/was dating someone that's better than him.
"i'm scared i'll get scared and i'll try to nail you back up."
saying that he can't trust himself, and he'll try to give that person back to where he/she belongs.
"so do you think we can work out a psalm."
meaning let's find some sort of reasoning behind all of this, a quote to get you through the pain i'm causing you.
he knows he has sinned, he isn't sure if he'll make it to heaven.
just my interpretation, i've been in shoes of fucking up. this song gets me by.

To Dave: | Reviewer: Dylan | 1/31/10

Your post makes no sense at all. Being an atheist does not mean you don't have faith in anything. And PS - I don't believe in god, but that doesn't make me an atheist because I do believe there is some sort of higher power, but I believe this higher power is just a scientific thing more than anything.

Truthseeker xx | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/10

There is no religion people, religion are just tools for the elite, to keep up us fighting, keep up separate, if ur atheist you better repent before its to late. if you dont believe theres a God, then why do these elites push a luciferian agenda, and try to be God? with there Weather manipulating technology, and giving people vaccines -_- wake up humanity!

Question | Reviewer: dave | 1/21/10

Gina, I have to ask. If you are truly an atheist, why would you care what the band or anyone else believes in? Having no faith in anything would render everything completely meaningless, I would think.

Really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/10

It is, in my opinion, about him asking God about what will happen when he finally dies. This can also be about him asking God about when all this doubt will stop, hence the reference to doubting Thomas in one lyirc.
But from what I've read about Brand New they seem like Christians I mean they hold so many Bibical refrences in their songs.
So why can't they have a song about refrencing Jesus Christ without it been taken as something completly different?
Also about Jesus Christ being used as a curse what about the lyrics like 'the one you'd find on someone that could save'? To me the cursing thing doesn't make sense.

Struggle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/10

I believe this song is about struggling with your religion.
Not rejecting it but finding it hard to follow the rules and do what god wants him to do.

"Do you believe you're missing out?
That everything good is happening somewhere else
But with nobody in your bed
The night is hard to get through

He wants to do what god asks of him but he feels like he is missing out on a lot in life, and everyone else is living it up while he is following gods rules.

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/10

All of your viewpoints are great, && that's what the beauty of music really is, it always means something slightly different to people. He couldve had one meaning in his head when writing this song, but a listener might listen to it && derive an entirely different meaning from it, && another listener somethingg even more diverse. People interperet music differently, especially ones with deeper meanings, depending on their personal views, feelings, life, obstacles, trials && tribulations they might be facingg at the timee. They depict a meaningg, that they sometimes might need at that point in their lives. Sometimes meanings of songs change throughout ones course of life; a song might mean something noww, but years down the line, when you're in a completely different path of your life, it might mean somethingg entirely different. So all of your views on what you think this song might mean are valid, && that's what makes your opinions so great, because they are what you feel && interpet, && tell each other that one another is wrongg, for their interpetationss, is not in anyones place.

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