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Performed by Brand New

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Your favorite weapon. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/13

"Only sing about depressing morbid emotions"- while this is mostly true of anything déjà entendu and later, have you never heard "your favorite weapon"? While there are some less than 'happy' songs on there, I would hardly call it 'morbid and depressing'. Mostly this is just a heads up to the first commenter that if you haven't heard that album, ya need to. One of the things I love about brand new is that they have evolved with every album- favorite weapon is almost pop punk at times, then déjà entendu was almost entirely really heavy, and the devil and god is live ethereal dark space out music. These are obviously generalizations that have exceptions, but that's my 2 cents.

What It Means | Reviewer: AnonymousBrandNewLover | 12/31/11

I hope I don't sound cocky here, saying I know what it means. But this is basically the best interpretation I have: The beginning of it is an old radio broadcast, and an interview with Brand New admitted they like "putting weird things in albums." But if you haven't noticed, the band rarely releases information about what the album actually means to them personally. They're really private.
But I think they used than specifically because it's ironic: "I don't know about you but I never grow tired of it... Number 99 Just as I Am".
Try and name a happy, light Brand New song. I love this band to death, they're my favorite, but they really only sing about morbid, depressing emotions. So when he says I never grow tired of it, it's a bit of a joke, because all fans who have stuck with them are listening to the same unfortunate, sad songs, and that likely won't stop. And "Just As I Am", while, he says right in the song all the things he is, a mountain that has been moved, a preacher with no pulpit, etc. It's very fitting when you think about it.
The bridge section is all about renewal, regrowth, ("like He knew it was time to start things over again," "we pray that they grow into seed, then roots and then grass") so daisy is a fitting title, because it is a flower that regrows over time. Also, it may be a reference to the term pushing daisies, as the song is basically saying all the dead, bad, evil things are now buried, and will regrow into something new and hopefully better. These guys write so sadly at times I hope they get therapy, they seem depressed and broken. But, and I know this is selfish, these broken hearted messages make beautiful, astounding music.

underappreciated | Reviewer: casey | 9/22/10

this is such a good song, and for good reason the title track of the album.

the idea of taking all the problems and using them as a well a seed then to grow into something else, like a daisy, ;)

vin is defently developing his own style of writing and having jesse's concept of making it mean more then just a black and white reason for a song but to actually be able to relate to it in different ways, yeah

Backround Lyrics!!! | Reviewer: brad | 10/12/09

Can somebody PLEASE post the backround lyrics you hear beginning the second time they sing the chorus. Its too hard to tell what they're saying just by listening, but you can definately tell theyre there. It completely reminds me of the backround lyrics they have in Limousine.

OK... wow | Reviewer: Arlin | 10/8/09

At first this was my least favourite track. Doesn't mean I thought it was bad, just least favourite. However on subsequent listens through I don't have a least favourite, they're all epic and deep in their own way, even Be Gone is great.
Another flawless album from Brand New.

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