Reviews for Am I Wrong? (Love Spit Love Cover)

Performed by Brand New

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Review about Am I Wrong? (Love Spit Love Cover)
------Performed by Brand New | 07/08/2006 11:00:00 AM


i remember watching a film called angus about 10 years ago maybe more this song by love spit love was played at the very start and i thought it was the most amazing song ever! but i never found out who done it which pissed me off for years and i finally gave in looking for it as nobody knew what i was talking about and the internet wasnt really accesible to me then even when i did get the internet still no luck! then today as i was downloading random brand new tracks i previewed it and instantly recognised it as my favourite song! so after some detective work i came to this site and found out it was by love spit love and i never ever expected to find out! :-D

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