Beautiful | Reviewer: Joe | 8/25/10

My brother and his friends used to sit around and chill to this song along with swallow by bush and creep by radiohead. all these songs nearly bring a tear to my eye when i hear them because of the nostalgic sound of them and it's a very cherished memory for me. the song is so fantastic. sad and yet inspiring. perfection.

genius | Reviewer:>wes | 2/9/08

a beautiful mellow song about how we can be seduced by illusions and fruitless dreams, and end up with nothing if we pursue them for too long. the "drinking in L.a metaphor" is genius! the melancholy and nostalgic for life tone of the lyrics reminds me a bit of pulp's 'Common People'

i love this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/07

This song has got a sad lyric, i think. But it sounds so... mellow. It makes me happy, that's why i love it. :)

drinkin in l.a | Reviewer: john matrix | 9/9/07

wot a tune i listen to ross king live on clyde1 in scotland every sunday and he plays this song....absolutely magnificent.....i love it

I just love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/07

I just love this song, i didnt even know that I had it on the computer, when I heard it for the first time, I just fell in love whit it =) I Just Loove This Song....peace

The quintessential distillation of the lonely Los Angeles dream | Reviewer: Charlie | 4/4/06

"We found a conclusion, so I guess that's something..."
At once bittersweet and cruel, mesmerizing and despairing, beautiful and cool and compassionate, the genius of "Drinking In L.A." is that you can experience a sunny Los Angeles day poured into your headphones like silk and cocaine: the warm sun, the untouchable palms, the cold emptiness of the perfection and wealth and endless asphalt, the stunned, anaesthetized desperation of the movie industry dreamers. Gorgeous.

Back in the Day | Reviewer: Shawn | 7/24/04

I absolutely LOVE this song. It has a sound like I've never heard in my life. It's groovy, it's danceable, it's sing-able, and it's soothing. This song captures the mood and cadence of the lifestyles of the poor and pathetic Hollywood wannabes (like myself) who feel like they're wandering aimlessly in pursuit of something they're likely to never have. What the hell AM I doing drinking in LA at 26...? I was not exposed to this song until I recently bought a compilation album (Big Shiny Tunes 2) that included it. I see much more Bran Van 3000 in my future, and I can't wait. That's assuming I don't waste my whole measly paycheck on Apple Martinis at Trader Vic's again...