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------ performed by Boyz II Men

hmmm...fullness of life & letting go | Reviewer: Paulie | 6/9/08

Personally, this song don't really hit me as in a death. This hits me more when I'm abut to leave those whom I truly love. LOVE YOU ALL LIMS!!...Hope we'll get to see all of you some day!! Till then, I'll be praying for that day!!...Paulieee

i'm holdin' it down 4 ya'll | Reviewer: yung_keev | 4/17/08

this is dedicated to my dad overall and i just love it when i hear this song because when tears come running down it's not because of shame it's because of the enjoyment of the song and the im happy this song could let's me kno dat mi dad is pain free and is in a much better place and the memories dat come to me makes me think about him like he's still here wit me 2day.

precious | Reviewer: faith patra | 4/15/08

losing someone so precious is not an easy thing,av lost quite a number of relatives and friends to disease,aacidents etc and i remember the first tyme i had this song,i was touched but blessed by it and truly its so hardto say gdbye to 4ever grateful 2 whoever thout abt writing dwn dis song.guess it ministers to many souls,mine ya ol

Grandma. Cory. & Lakaysia | Reviewer: Brey | 3/22/08

This song brings back many memories. Especially of my grandma and cousin cory. It really makes me cry when I think about Kaysia. she died a couple of months ago at the age of 15. I didn't really want 2 believe it. I didn't want 2 say goodbye 2 her. But I know I will see her soon in heaven. Luv ya gurl.

I MISS YA'LL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/08

This song touches my heart n makes me cry r almost cry evitime i hear it. I have loss alot of family n friends thoughout years n i luv n miss them dearly. This song goes out 2 des great ppl: My papa i miss u. My great-grandmother i luv n miss u. My god-brother i luv n miss u. My cousins i luv n miss u. My uncles i luv n miss u. My aunts i luv n miss u. My friend, Derricka (10~25~91 - 02~11~08), i luv n miss u; i miss ur laughs n smiles at skool. N many more i luv n miss yall. Also to Shannon Veal, i didnt knw u but i knw dat u were a great basketball player n a great friend n family member. I miss all yall n i luv u. This song goes to yall. Hope 2 c yall again.


this song | Reviewer: elexiz | 2/14/08

This song is my favorite song ver it makes me want to cry every time i hear it. I love this song and whne i hear it it makes me think about leaving going to high school and missing all my friends

I love you | Reviewer: keisha | 1/31/08

I think this song is a wonderfull song even though itz sadd and it bringz back lotz of memoriez! The funny thing is, I've been to meny funeralz! My grandmother, my sister, my bestfriend, my cousin, and anotha close friend! And sum1 sang this song at every1 of them! That's how I've grown to like this song! I just want to say to my grandmother Corrine who died from cancer I love you and miss you dearly! The family is hurtin without you! To my bestfriend T WHYY?? Who was shot 5 timez in his back timez I love you and you'll alwayz have a place in my heart! The wood life is the good life! To my sistah Takia who was gunned down we didn't really spend time together but that doesn't matter I love and ill c you soon! To lil Zeke and Snick who were gunned down also I'm missin you guyz so much! Don't worry cuz karma is a mutha! I love all of you and make sure you guyz save me a spot up there! Watch ova me! I'm missin you! Muah!

to my mom rachel a johnson/hunter and my 2 bestt friends ebony d hughes an joy m richmond rest in paradise | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

i lost the love of my life my mom wen i was 12 years old she died of cancer in the kidney an it spread 2 her brain an i hate this song so much 2 this day bt i jus sung it 2 my bae who jus broke up w me and now im realizing why i hate this song so much. and to my best friend ebony who was killed by an drunk driver she was only 18 years old just about 2 graduate an enrolled in college bt she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.And to my other best friend joy she was like my big sister she was only 27 an she died of cancer also but i know in my heart that ill see them again but this song just hurts my feelings everytime i hear it an no matter were i am i cry but i want them 2 promise me something that they will rest in peace 4 me love yall APRIL

for all of those who ever lost someone that they trully loved | Reviewer: nea | 1/20/08

im sorry bout youre not rellating this song to enyones death,its justbeautyfull in its sorow.ive lost to manny people in my life but zhere is not enough lyrics to describe what i am strong people,God bless!!!

I MISS HER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

I lost my friend in the seccond grade.. kinda wierd ain't it we were 7 and she was killed. Who would do such a thing??? So this song touched my heart and brought back memories of her.Her name was Clara.She was so gentle and sweet so y would someone kill her? She NEVER hurt anyone. So to this day I wear black. For I am still mourning. I miss her so. I will see her someday.



i miz her | Reviewer: tatiana | 1/16/08

ma friend taylor died abotu 2 years ago. she waz hit by a drunk driver walkin from skool o miz her sooo much i cant tell u how much i want her here now i went through so much and she helped me get through it now i have nobodi 2 tlk 2, 2 comfort me, im jus a misunderstood person with out my bestie i love u gurl ill b there soon


I love and miss you Calvin 12.17.88 ~ 08.13.06 To all my fallen soldiers | Reviewer: Kierra | 1/13/08

This song brings back so many memories because in 2006 I lost my boyfriend 4 days before my birthday.I never would have thought that I would shed so many teras but when you are hurting tears come naturally.In 2007 I lost a homeboy the day after my birthday and this song was sang at his funeral.So I've expressed many feeling and shed a many tears from this song.And to all my fallen soldiers, take your much needed rest cause I'm sure to see you all again!!

RIP COURTNEY 23/01/1993-03/11/07 | Reviewer: samantha | 1/4/08


RIP marlena "lace"dorika hepburn | Reviewer: nica | 12/29/07

diz song iz beutiful diz bringz bac alot of precious memeries . Plenty of my relatives hve died but dis 1 waz special,i no anyone cud die at any age, but she came diz far so y go home na? but how can i question god ;she died at da age of 17 it iz very had 2 get ov'r her even though she waz my cuzin it's hard.To some ppl she may look like a regular person but she waz special in ha own way .she will be dearly missed and neva 4gotten ,so say wat u gatta say now to dat some1;cause u do not no wat u hve til its gne.RIP LACE TAKE UR SWEET REST BOO C U ON DA OTHER SIDE


i really miss u uncle bubba | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/07

i love and i will always honor and cherish the memories that we shared together. I LOVE U AND ITS STILL SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE TO YESTERDAY.


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