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Performed by Boyz II Men

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this song is so powerful | Reviewer: thomas | 1/14/2008

It help me get throught the hard times that I'm going through in high school but I know I will get there with my friends and my family by my side thank you everyone

I WILL GET THERE | Reviewer: Baby V | 7/26/2007

This song is so soul lifting it can turn any bad situation upside down. I love it!

i will get there | Reviewer: Antiko | 6/28/2007

ive been wounderin in the dark been lost and heav know light could shine on my heart i know the pane so deep and i know my faith will free me and ill get through this and ill find my way again so don't tell me that its over cause each steep that takes me closer

More than spirit | Reviewer: Lady D | 3/14/2006

This song is very Powerful. It helps you when you think you can't do anything but once you listen to it everything changes I will get there!!!!!

spirit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/2005

It is a very powerful song. If you are feeling down it is a song you should listen to. It just makes you feel like you can do anything.

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