The bitter sweet song | Reviewer: minimann trinbago22 | 7/29/14

THI song is the bomd of all bob's music,my friends & i listen this every monday morning then we just laugh at the end of it,but when we sturdy back to that school couple of us shed's real sad but that girl at the time was a crazy ass..

Funny, I was in UK that summer | Reviewer: Tony | 6/29/13

The tabloids were full of the story and, predictably, "bleeding hearts" were calling for a ban on the song. Back then you could buy one song on 45 r.p.m. vinyl and I remember watching the rack empty as quick as they could be pressed. The more things change the more they stay the same sometimes.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/13

I think people are so obsessed by the back story of the song they are forgetting about the music itself. Personally I'm loving the piano, and I reccomend the video, made me laugh so hard.

Coz the lesson today is

seriously? | Reviewer: Becka | 2/12/13

The lead singer was giving an interview when he said news of the shooting broke over the telemex. It's also stated that the shooter did claim she did it because she didn't like mondays and that the writer had started penning this song before he even got back to the hotel.

You can deny it all you want, but this song really is about a school shooting.

The Song is NOT about the School shooting damnit | Reviewer: Angelo | 1/16/13

IF you look up the events, and when they happened, you will clearly see that the song was made BEFORE the massacre. So this proves that the song is legitly made before the shooting, making it clear it was Bob who originaly came up with the song.

This song ain't evil | Reviewer: Someone | 11/19/12

This song is simply about a school shooting. A girl who had recently been given a rifle for her birthday decided to shoot a bunch of kids in a school across from her house. When she was questioned as to why she did it, she mearly replied "I don't like Monday's, this livened up the day for me."

Upon further investigation it was found that the girl was a psychopath.

Great Song | Reviewer: barbara | 11/12/12

What is the matter with a lot of you on here, it is a song and the meaning behind this song doesn't take away the fact that this was a brilliant piece of music. And still is. Get over yourselves.

the NWO song | Reviewer: timothy | 10/29/12

This is a very evil song " Silicon chip inside her head get switched to overload." This seems to me, to be a song that details,in a tragic way ,what someone under mind control would do if she to be effectively " controlled " by someone from an alternate location.That is, someone sends a signal to the chip in her to send a massive shockwave into her body in a way to cause her to go crazy.That is my interpretation of it. May the Lord Jesus save those in the rock world by his precious blood.He is the saviour and the only way to heaven .People need to come to repentance,satan is the god of this world.Read John 10 king james version and ephesians 8 kjv

Monday comment | Reviewer: MARK | 7/10/12

Someone made the comment that Bob Geldof made the comment that she did this because she did'nt like mondays..And yet someone else said that they can blame Sir Bob when they want to shoot someone, this song was written about an event that happened.
It was acually in her interview with police when they asked why she'd done it that she answered "I don't like mondays" and Bob used that in the song

This was not the first school shooting! | Reviewer: Per | 4/2/12

Brenda Spencer lived across the street from the school, and she fired at the principal, the custodian, several kids and a police officer from her bedroom window! The principal died, and so did the custodian trying to help the principal. All of the victims were outside the school, yes, even the schoolground, as the principal was shot when he was unlocking the school gate.

So this was not a school shooting, even if the killed and maimed were on their way to school.

There has been several real school shootings before this, the most notable in 1966: Charles Joseph Whitman was a student at the University of Texas at Austin and a former Marine who killed 16 people and wounded 32 others during a shooting rampage on and around the university's campus on August 1, 1966.

Context: Geldof is as mutable as Gaga | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/11

Why the hate for Lady Gaga? Pop musicians --including Bob Geldof-- who have even the tiniest claim on popular memory after thirty years are exceedingly rare. Today Geldof is but a sliver of recognition in the brains of old folks like you, a few more years and he'll be gone just like you. Gaga is likely to run the same course, as are all the pop musicians of today. Context, friend, context.

A piece of our history | Reviewer: Phillo | 8/22/11

In a time before the written word songs were passed down generations and used as a method of recording history. This has been mostly lost to us now but there are still a few songs that fall into this category of markers in time, these should be applauded. I can assure you our children will not be debating over Lady Ga Ga lyrics in 30 years.

If some of the small minded people reviewing on this site had their way we would be burning our books and shooting newspaper reporters in the street. Well I suppose I have to agree with them on something.

Ahhh! it was Bob Geldof that made me shoot those journo's officer :-)

Awful! | Reviewer: rebecca | 7/6/11

When I first heard this song I fount it enjoyable but then when my brother told me the back story of the song I didn't find it so listenable but I still liked it, the girl was clearly troubled in her childhood but that no excuse or reason to of done that.
But Bob has made the statement that she didn't like mondays.... who does!

Sad but good | Reviewer: Ryan | 5/25/11

I remember my mom bought me a book about 500 rock bands and i read them out to her, after I said the boomtown rats she said that this was her favorite song when she was my age because it was not contraband in the uk. She put on the song on and I loved it. She did know that it was based of a school shooting, but she did not know anything else. I looked it up when i got home and saw a newscast on it and it was horrifying. THE FIRST SCHOOL shooting. and it was my favorite song since.

Old Memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/11

I remember when my mom and I would be driving along the road and this song would come on and she would shut off the radio and tell me that I was never to listen to this song. I later found out it was because Ms. Spencer (the woman who was the shooter) was one of my mom's good friends and my mom was devastated when she learnt about what happened.