JUst be sure | Reviewer: taylor c | 4/6/09

Make sure you dont sing this song outloud in my neighborhood, everyone still remembers what that crackhead did to that school just down the street. But you have to admit it is a catchy song. When I was at Junior H I was singing this song and I got sent to the schools version of a psych ward. It's just a damn song!

greeeeeeeeat song! | Reviewer: Ryan | 2/20/09

omfg great song. i play piano and my prents wouldnt let meh learn it... so i looked up the story behind da song and makes it 100 times more a better song! not because 2 ppl wer killed but because it's a song with a meaning, a point, and hella great story behind it! i luuuv it sooo much. beautifully written too! ill just learn it behind their backs

I dont like mondays either haylay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/08

O my gosh i love this song! I first heard it on vh1 and then my dad said he had the record of it and ive been playin that sucker like crazy! I love the piano in this song. I play piano and i really like how its accented in this song. I found the lyrics interesting and fun to sing.

how this song came to be. | Reviewer: Chadlee | 10/26/08

I like this song it really good,
The song was wrote after a 16 year old girl Brenda Ann Spencer started shooting at children in school playgound in San Diego, She had 8 kids and a police officer and also she had killed two adults,

I think she must have been really sick because she showed no remorse for the crime that she did.
And her only explanation for it was

"I don't like Mondays, this livens up the day"

More info | Reviewer: Eve | 9/12/08

I first knew about this song when my father started singing it one day. He told me what is was about and I looked it up. There is a whole article about it on Snopes.com. I like the song and the meaning behind it didn't spoil the song.

what did boom town rats think about the incident? | Reviewer: welliesNZ | 7/1/08

Hi i am researching this song, and i would like to know what views Boomtown Rats had with the incident, what did they think about Brenda Ann Spencer? and how did this incident effect them, like what kind of messages are they trying to portray,
if someone could reply that would be fantastic!

i love mondays. | Reviewer: harleigh | 3/24/08

this song's meaning is actually what attracted me to it in the first place. me and my dad have pretty much the same taste in music so when he first told me about this song i was interested but once he told me of it's meaning, i had to hear it. a lot of people say the meaning ruined the song for them, but it makes it for me. i love this song.

correct info | Reviewer: scott emery | 1/29/08

this is what wikipieda says on the subject if you dont belive type this link into your address bar "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brenda_Ann_Spencer"

Brenda Ann Spencer (April 3, 1962) is a convicted American murderer who carried out a shooting spree at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California on January 29, 1979. Principal Burton Wragg and head custodian Mike Suchar were killed in the attack, while eight children and a police officer sustained wounds.

The school was across the street from her house. She used the rifle she had recently been given for Christmas by her father. When the six-hour incident ended and she was asked who she wanted to shoot, she said, "I like red and blue jackets". When they asked why, she shrugged and replied, "I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day."[1] She also said: "I had no reason for it, and it was just a lot of fun." "It was just like shooting ducks in a pond." and "[The children] looked like a herd of cows standing around; it was really easy pickings."

She pled guilty to two counts of murder and assault with a deadly weapon, and was sentenced to prison for 25 years to life, currently being served at The California Institution for Women in Corona.[1] She has been eligible for parole four times and has been turned down each time, most recently in 2005. She will be eligible for parole again in 2009.

In 2005, she claimed that she was drunk and under the influence of PCP, and that her father, Wallace Spencer, had sexually abused her as a child (a claim she did not make during the earlier years of her incarceration) and that the state and her attorney conspired to hide her drug test results.

Spencer's crime, lack of remorse, and inability to provide a serious explanation for her actions when captured inspired the song "I Don't Like Mondays" by The Boomtown Rats, written by musician Bob Geldof. Her quote "I don't like Mondays" also appears written on a wall in the 1985 movie The Breakfast Club.


I have also read a book on the subject so i do know more info if needed

Geldof a Genius | Reviewer: Bob | 1/12/08

The band the Boomtown Rats was being interviewed at a radio station when the story about Brenda Spencer came across the news wire (the teletype machine). Bob G. then, emotionally struck by the event, on the spot at the radio station began writing the words and then polished it up later. An awesome song about a very sad, emotionally moving event. --- If you ever hear Geldof sing it on the "Secret Policemen's Ball" album, solo on his piano --- it is an amazingly emotional song. Geldof gets close to be choked up when performing it live on the album. His grief is evident.

I don't like many days ... | Reviewer: Trae K | 12/14/07

I love to listen to this song. Yes, I am aware of the circumstances that led to it. For further "accurate" information on this or almost anything, check wikipedia.org
Anyways ... I think I like it so much because it speaks to that darker side that we all have ... and NO! I do NOT want to murder small children in a playground, but I must admit, I have met a few people in my life that had I had a gun in my hand at the time that they upset me so badly, it would have been bad. I guess that goes to show that new gun laws are not at all a bad thing.
She does speak of the DAY OF THE WEEK btw ... Cindy ... if ur bf told you that shit ... he's a blatant liar, sorry, but it's true. Why even guess when OMG! ... ur on the INTERNET!! ... use it and search google or wikipedia and find out for yourself the real truths about almost anything!


I think you are lying. The shootings happened at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego. The shooter, Brenda Ann Spencer, was 16 and lived across the street. Assuming her 'ex-boyfriend' was of the same age, why would a 16 year old be attending that school. Also, during the 6 hour standoff with police she made several statements. The full quote to the one that is popularized in this song is, "I don't like Mondays, it lives up the day." As Peter pointed out on 9/5/2007, only 2 people were killed. To all the misguided people you have furthered false info, use the internet for good not evil. Research your facts and stop insulting this brilliant song. It is disturbing reflection of humanity and must be kept intact.

True Meaning | Reviewer: Cindy | 11/28/07

It's a little known fact that when Brenda Spencer shrugged and offered "I don't like Mondays" as the reason she committed this crime, she actually meant "I don't like Mundays". This was the surname of her recently ex-boyfriend, and he and his younger (adopted) brother both went to that school - they were exchange students from Australia. She was trying to kill them because she thought that they were a pathetic waste of space - particularly the younger adopted brother. The family then moved back to Melbourne to avoid the publicity. I know this because I married the younger Munday. Whenever he hears this song, he assumes the foetal position and hides under the nearest table.

mondays | Reviewer: peter | 11/21/07

i like this song but there is 1 reason of upset it reminds me of that 1 day in california then a 16 year old girl shot 69 people and police questioned her and all she said was "i dont like Mondays" so remember this is no ordinary song it has a meaning!!!!

Re: THis song has a nice meaning | Reviewer: Karen | 11/19/07

RE:i loveeeeeee this song because it doesnt have swearing like other songs and it has a nice meaning... this song is the best song ever!!!! its soooo funny when the children say tell me why..hehe

Obviously this poster is unaware that this song is about a 16 year old girl who shot at children on a school playground in Califonia. The 16 year had no remorse and when asked why she did it, she replied "I don't like Mondays" So this song as lively and energetic as it can make you feel on your commute to work Monday mornings has everything but a nice meaning. Love the song, but when I found out what it meant, it kinda spoiled it for me.

The Youth of Today | Reviewer: Kyuuuute Grill | 10/31/07

"i loveeeeeee this song because it doesnt have swearing like other songs and it has a nice meaning... this song is the best song ever!!!! its soooo funny when the children say tell me why..hehe"

LOL MOAR REASERCH PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111111111ELEVENTYONE