Takes me back to living in london | Reviewer: heartinholland | 11/22/10

I lived in london when this happened. The song was written and reflective of a shocking event. It was the first school shooting, rather than the more frequent occurances of these times.

When Boomtown Rats sang it... we all took it more as, well....... its like how now living in America after 911 we took those songs as a being written and reflective of a shocking event. America seemed so far away. What did we know, really? We were only a bit older than she was, slogging along trying to find our own way. Working double shifts in factories before the sun came up, and not getting home from overtime until nearly midnight. Music, pubs and a few laughs when we weren't working........ the cares of the world were a bit beyond our reach at that age.

It has a great beat, a great melody and we sang along to it on the radio. It was the same time as Pink floyd's The Wall. Takes me back........

Get over it | Reviewer: Michael Jackson | 8/30/10

Apparently the kid just have a weak mind, there are a lot of kids/people in the planet who goes through the world with more pain and agony, the kid who actually cracked will crack no matter what situation. There is no mystery, some of us are more easily cracked than the stronger ones, so quit looking for a magical reason, people who kills other people has no real reason to do so, they just do because they are WEAK ! quit glorifying weak minded people. As far as the song goes,, its Awesome and if you feel like killing someone after hearing this song, start with yourself, waste yourself first because you are GARBAGE !

Possible Reason | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/10

I have a possible reason for the cause of the sad event. It may be the cause of most school shootings by students. They really are pushed to overload. When I was in college, I only made one year. But at the end I was so fustrated that I almost felt like I wanted to go on a rampage. Also one time when I was home. The virgina tech incident had acerd. I was so depressed and frustrated that I sympathized with cho understood why he did it and wanted to imitate him. Though I don't feel like that now. I can remember them and so can understand why some students may be driven to this.

I dont like Mondays - Perth WA | Reviewer: Lisa | 7/30/10

From what I hear here in western Australia, this song is about a teenage girl who shot dead two teachers and injured many others in a shooting spree at school. After further questioning, from Police, this young girl showed no remorce and no feelings for the lives she had taken. Her After countless hours of questioning her only reason for the outburst was "I dont like Mondays"

Sort of depressing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/10

I never knew the meaning behind the song, until tonight. I am uncertain if teenagers should be listening to it or not, I heard it frequently when I was one, without ever hearing half the words.

My personal feeling with certain words much louder than others, "I don't like Mondays" "die" and the part about a silicon chip in someone's head overloading. Also the part about they can see no reason , there are no reasons. It may speak more based on the word emphasis, to some who are suicidal, I would guess.

Mondays | Reviewer: Marisa Ledesma | 7/18/10

I have researched and learned about this song. She took the lives of people and couldn't explain why. She did say she didn't like Mondays but it was later that she made this quote. I like this song and think that Sir Bob Geldoff made a something most people would have forgotten about and made it history. Sir Bob Geldoff is a genius in so many ways. If it weren't for him this tragic story would have been lost. I liked this song even beofore I learned about the sad event that inspired the lyrics.

i dont like mondays | Reviewer: ????? | 7/11/10

i luv the song its my fav.
now i know the story after the t.v biography on bob (i dont know weather that is his name) its clear to me and the next morning im serching stuff about it on tinternet (the internet)

sad | Reviewer: zoey | 6/13/10

i really like this song. i feel really sorry for the people who was killed and injured. and i feel sorry for the girl who did it, how can 16 yr old girl do that, it makes me sad just thinking about it. im 14 now i hope i dont go like that and if i see someone like it i well so hepl them cause i dont want it to happen again. we lean a lot for just one song :(

Listen and learn | Reviewer: Leanne | 6/10/10

This weekend gone, this song came on the radio when I was driving with my 10 year old son. I explained the events this song was based on. He listened quietly and intently, asked many questions, and looked at me with baffled, innocent eyes and asked if people like that, with broken brains really existed. He had learnt about the type of person he does not want to become.

so why? | Reviewer: ej | 5/26/10

why do people say that you cant be singing this in public? i mean the story is horrendus but lady ga-ga's and brittney spears lyrics are as dirty as these lyrics are sad. so why then, are they allowed to be sung in public? oh g-d! why is civilization so complex?

no review | Reviewer: tarik | 5/21/10

hi it's been a long time that i knew this song, but i didn't know to whom it was...:)
anyway,the song is great and is sad and it got a message behind.and at the same time is dangerous.so be carreful..:)

there are no reasons | Reviewer: mia | 4/4/10

It's so different when you know the story.
Sad, and ironic but describes that event very good.
It's sad that 2 lives are taken just like that by a person that wouldn't give an explanation, but song is great

This song is depressing. | Reviewer: Guesswho | 1/28/10

One of my journalism professors had us look up the story behind this song. I had three shots of rum just to get through researching the topic. This is depressing, and brings to memory the Columbine. However, the song is good, and great lyrics, chords, and whatnot. The story though, is depressing, especially if you have kids and grew up during a generation where school shootings were not all that uncommon.

A very good song! | Reviewer: Trine | 4/28/09

I thinnk this song is very good. It does not encourage people to pick up a gun and start shooting because they don't like mondays. Instead they describe how very wrong it is to do so, as the song becomes kind of ironic with it's happy melody but depressing lyrics.

Modays...please don't liven them that way! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/09

I know the reason behind the song. I think that this song is not in bad taste, the Boomtown Rats were just trying to make the best ofa bad situation. And it's a catchy song. My dad loves the boomtown rats, and I heard this song with him. He didn't tell me about the story, so I looked it up. Brenda Ann Spencr was a sick person. But kids shouldn't be forbidden to listen to this song. It's a great song A friend of mine was singing this at my high school and she was sent to the princ. office! I don't thinkthat's right. It's a SONG, dang it!