That Little GIRL of mine | Reviewer: Michelle Partinico | 9/14/14

I am so happy to see this in print. My Dad sang this to me when I was very little. He said he wrote it for me, then I heard it on the radio one day! He just smiled a sheepish little smile. This was the early 50's. I remembered the words and sang it to my 2 boys, and now I have sung it to my grand daughter. It is a very special song and memory to me. Thank you so much for alowing me to see this in print.

This little boy of mine | Reviewer: Kim | 8/14/14

Oh my goodness! My mother in law has sung this to all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and now they sing it to their own. She couldn't remember where it came from only. She always replaced thay little boy of mine with the childs name. I love this.

It is a real song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/14

Oh my gosh, this really was a published song!! So nice to read all the comments and realize that somewhere else in the world others treasured the memory of their mothers and this song. My mom always sang this to me, and when I was older, I asked her if this was a "real" song. She couldn't remember, so I just always thought it was a song she made up. I think I googled it some years ago, but mistakenly put in "That little girl of mine", as she changed the word to suit me, and so I did not find it! So glad I found it now and read all of your poignant comments, as my mother is reaching the end of her journey here on earth now, and it's nice to know that this song means so much, not only to me, but to so many others. Thank you for sharing your memories.

I just got done singing this song to my daughter | Reviewer: Carl | 3/23/14

This is the song that I went to sleep hearing night after night sung to me and my brothers, by my dad. I never considered this song being song by a mom or grandma. In our family it was always my dad with his mega bass voice, and now it's me in my family singing to my son and daughter, 7 and 8 and soon will be singing the song to my baby daughter whose just 3 months old.

When my dad visited a while back, I asked him to put the kids down and sing to them, and I couldn't believe hearing him sing this lulu bye brought tears of joy to my eyes.

That Little Boy has my name all over it!! | Reviewer: Garry | 3/6/14

In 1946 when I was a four year old, I did not like to take naps. My mother , sitting in a regular chair would hold me in her arms and rock me while singing "That Little Boy Of Mine" Of course, her gentle singing always worked and I would fall asleep. Like so many others, I thought this was just a family song that had been sung from generation to generation.

That Little Boy of Mine | Reviewer: Brenda Pellerin | 11/22/13

My oldest brother died on November 2, 2012 and we took my 92 year old Mother to his Memorial Service. On the morning of the service my Mother got ready to leave and she stood behind the sofa while my youngest brother sat and I was standing in the next room. She gazed out the sliding glass door at the sky and started to sing the song that we had both heard so many times. She sang it all the way through and with a lump in her throat ended with "That Little Boy of Mine. My brother Bob was 71 years old.

That Little Boy Of Mine | Reviewer: Carol Feriani | 11/3/13

I have sung this song to my 5 daughters and my 10 grandchildreand my 5 greatgrand children Changes from little boy to little girl. Right now, its Little boy. He's 3 years old and when he's with me and hears that song, he goes to sleep.

This is a beloved song for many generations. | Reviewer: Doris Thompson | 10/7/13

My Mother sang this song to all 7 of her children and many, many grand, and great grand children as well. She loved children and made all of them feel loved at all times, She passed this song down through 5 generations and she lived to be 90 years old and never forgot the words. My Mother learned it from her Sister. I have a brand new great grandson and have been singing it to him each time I am lucky enough to hold his precious little body in my arms, I hope to do it for many, many years to come, I truly believe it is an infinite song, and I love it. Thank you Bonnie Owens

That Little Boy/Girl of Mine | Reviewer: Jill Farish | 8/11/13

I had no idea that this was a published song! I grew up listening to my mom and Granmother singing it to me, and hearing stories of how she sang it to my mom as a little girl. I thought it was a song passed down from generation to generation in my family. My Grandmother was one of 10 children and were a singing family "Holm Family String Band" - and they used to travel to different churches to sing. So naturally, I thought it came from there :)). So excited to learn about Bonnie Owens and here her sing it!

love your song | Reviewer: theress hewitt | 1/17/13

my mom also sang this to us and my kids and now i sing it to grandbabys and we change it back and forth from that little girl of mine and to that little boy of mine i love this song and so does the babys thank you bonnie.

A song for for Generaions | Reviewer: Max Carty Hanson | 11/30/12

My dad sang this to me in 1933 (probably 2 years earlier as well). I sang it to each of my 2 sons, and to my two grandsons, and when I see my new great-grandson, I will certainly sing it to him! BUT DOES ANYONE KNOW IN WHAT YEAR IT WAS WRITTEN?

Our family Lullaby | Reviewer: Kim G | 10/22/12

I didn't even know that this was a published song. I thought that it was a traditional lullaby that only my family knew.'s so strange yet heart warming to know that so many other others that have had their parents and grand-parents sing it and now singing it to their own children. My 8, 3 and 2 year old ask for it almost nightly.

my grandma's song to me! | Reviewer: Karen (43) | 10/14/12

I was so happy to find these lyrics. my grandmother (89) sang this song to me...changing to "that little girl of mine" and i am happy to say i sing this to both my boys! So happy others have had the same joy!

WOW! I'm so happy to sing the song that my Gramma used to sing to me when I was a tot! She (like the others) changed it to "little girl of mine" and I felt SO special. Gramma passed away at 88 this past Tuesday. I'm still sad, but I wanted this song to include in a blog post. Thank you! & God bless all those "tiny turned up noses!"
The Daring Librarian

That Little Boy of Mine | Reviewer: Bevbeverlymcneil@hotmail.comerly | 1/2/12

My mother sang this to me (I am 61now) her Mother sang it to her and it was sung to my children, neices and nephews by my Mother..My son found this on line before he was to get married in 2012. We both wanted to have this as our Son and Mother song but we knew we would never get thr ough it as my Mother his Grandmother is not with us..BLESSED MEMORIES