Passed on from my mother to her children and grandchildren | Reviewer: Sherill | 11/11/08

Our mom sang this song to us when we were babies and she inserted "little girl" fo her daughters. She also sang this song to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She went to be with the Lord on October 15, 2008. She was 95 years old. She has also passed on many other songs that we have passed on to our children. She always had a song in her heart. I miss you, Mom, but thanks for all your love and the wonderful memories.

Should be taught to any parent of a son!!!!!! | Reviewer: tom ungaro | 10/19/08

My grandmother taught me this song 40 years ago. I learned how to play it on the piano years later and shared it with my two sons.
With the unfortunate passing of my 19 month old nephew, we used this song on the back of his mass cards, rather than a prayer or epithath. It was hard to get people to stop talking about it at the service, quite amazing and it helped throughout the tragedy.

does anyone know? | Reviewer: Lisa | 7/17/08

My great grandfather sang this song to my 84 year old grandmother when she was a child, and it has been passed down from my mother to me. The lyrics exist only in our memories. Does anyone know the author? Does anyone have sheet music for the song? Any help you can provide would be wonderful!

Oh, my..... | Reviewer: Becky | 4/30/08

Just like the rest of you, this song has been sung in our family for years. For some reason, my father loved it, and sang it to all 3 of his kids, and when I got married, my brother-in-law sang it as a surprise for my dad and I as the traditional "Daddy's Little Girl" dance. Needless to say, I sobbed, my dad cried and neither of us could dance to it!! Now, 23 years later, he sang it to my son, was gone by the time my daughter came along, so my mom sang it to her, and my sister to her kids, and now THEIR kids. Once in a while, if I'm holding any baby, I'll find myself swaying and singing it, and tears never fail to come.

Memories | Reviewer: Jennifer Newman | 3/9/08

I can't believe I found this. My Mom Would sing this to all the new babies in the family. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. We Lost Mom in 2001 She had ALS. Miss Her Much. Now I can share this with my new grandbabys . Thanks so much.

Had this sung to me and have sung it to my daughter | Reviewer: Linda Sawyers | 1/27/08

My mother and much older sister sang this to me always. I am 56 years old. My mother passed last year at age 93. My daughter is getting married and I always sang it to her as well. I am going to put this song in a slide show of her when she was young at her wedding reception

What memories! | Reviewer: Master Shadow | 12/13/07

My father used to sing this to me as a young boy I hadn't realised how much I missed that until coming across this today. I was totally awestruck, and actually lost it for a bit.

Amazing how something so innocent can trigger such strong memories in a person. I'd rate this a ten anyday!

That Little Girl of Mine | Reviewer: Linda Fletcher | 12/3/07

I also thought this was a song that only our family knew. My mother (born 1925, passed away 2006 at age 80) sang it to my sister and myself and I in turn did so with my 3 children, changing it to boy/girl as needed. I use to ask Mama to sing it all the time. It meant so much to me all through the years. My daughter married in September of this year, and as a special surprise to her I sang it at the rehearsal (I can't sing but the lullaby is so beautiful it doesn't matter.) It has always meant so much to my daughter and was a really special moment at the rehearsal - a lot of folks teared up, even the men.

LOVE these words!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/07

I just found these lyrics. I LOVE this song and used to sing it to "my little boy" who is now 43...and wanted to be able to sing it to my little grandson.

Thanks for a beautiful song.

That Little Boy Of Mine | Reviewer: Bob in Florida | 11/9/07

My mom used to play the piano and sing this song
to me when I was a child. Each time she sat at the piano, she would ask what I would like to hear and most of the time I would answer, That Little Boy Of Mine. The words and the melody were so very soothing and when I sing them to myself now, I can't hold back the tears. I would
like so very much to have the guitar tabs, as I do not have the ability to come up with them on my own and don't know anyone else who knows the song.

This Little Girl of Mine | Reviewer: Jeri Hammett | 11/4/07

A tiny turned up nose
Two cheeks just like a rose
So sweet from head to toes
This little girl of mine

She climbs upon my knee
She means the world to me
To me she'll always be
This little girl of mine

No one will ever, ever know just what her coming has meant
Because I love her so, she's something Heaven has sent

Two eyes so shining bright
Two lips to kiss goodnight
Two arms to hug me tight
This little girl of mine

This song has been passed down for generations in our family. A little different from the other entrys but still close to the same lyrics. My Grand daughter age 5 knows it by heart.

I just had to search for this song... | Reviewer: Shanna | 10/4/07

When I was a little girl my grandmother would sing this song to me along with "Daddy's Little Girl". I always thought it was something she made up. I now have a daughter of my own, and my grandmother sang it to her as well when we would go visit her at the nursing home these past 10 months since she was born. My grandmother passed away two weeks ago and I sing the song to my daughter as much as possible to carry on the memory. Thank you so much for posting the lyrics to this song. I'm so glad I found them.

Dulcigal in Alabama | Reviewer: Lou Todd | 4/15/07

I am so happy to have found out who wrote these words. My grandmother must have sung it to the last of her 12 children because I remember one of my aunts sitting in a rocking chair and singing it to her son. My mother sang it to her 7 children, I sang it to my 3 children and my 6 grandchildren. Lyrics were pretty much the same as others remembered; it is a timeless tune and is a precious memory.

No One Will Ever Know | Reviewer: Tricia in Illinois | 3/23/07

This song was sang to me all through childhood and I sang it to my children and now my grandchildren. I am trying to find the actual song to download (with music). Here is the way we sing it:

No one will ever know...
Just what your coming has meant.
So sweet from head to toe...
You're something heaven has sent.
You're all the world to me...
You climb upon my knee...
To me you'll always be...
This sweet little (girl,boy) of mine.

A beautiful song and a special song to both me and my children.

Memories | Reviewer: Reid Shelnutt | 12/22/06

I am sitting here with tears running down my face remembering my mother singing this song to me some 60 years ago. What a beautiful memory. Wonder why someone doesn't record it. Thank you so much for publishing the lyrics.