Oh please | Reviewer: Chris | 4/16/10

To the woman who said that bonjovi saved ur marrage ur a fliping loser and 2nd bonjovi sucks cock just like ur husband did all u fans who think this band is so great hello get ur heads out of ur asses. The guy sucks the band sucks so give me a freaking break

I love Jon Bon Jovi | Reviewer: Dianne O'Dell | 4/12/10

I have loved BON JOVI since i was sixteen...i went to my first concert when i was 18 yrs old and 7 mos pregnant..it was the New Jersey Syndicate tour with Skid Row...I even named my son Jon.....i love every song he's ever done..and some many for his songs have gotten through some pretty rough times...I LOVE JON BOVI JOVI SO MUCH....man can you tell i'm definately a girly girly when it comes to Jon Bon Jovi

bon jovi played a big roll in our lifes | Reviewer: gloria deskins | 3/6/10

when my husbend and i married in 1990 we started with his children and mine. there were 10 all together we had our ups and down but what keeped us together was bon jovis song liveing on a prayer because we were liveing on a prayer now after 22 years of marriage all the kids have grown up to become wonderful adults and thanks to bon jovi he kept us together.

To the best: | Reviewer: JulieCardin | 2/19/10

I have been a fan of Bon Jovi since I was 4 years old. All my friends had Barbie and I had Bon Jovi. Before my mother passed away I got to attend a concert for the first time when I was 18. The next one I went to when I was 19 and 5 months pregnant:) Ur songs have brought me through some really hard times growing up with my mother being termanaly ill. I love watching my son in the car jam to the songs I grew up listening to. We love all the new stuff too! I wanted to get married in Jersey, but my fiance says "no way"! He knows how big of a fan I am.

I'd die for Bon Jovi | Reviewer: Revonda | 2/1/10

I am 40 and remember the appearance on American Bandstand. When I saw them for the first time I thought I would die. They are my heros. I was never able to see them in concert growing up for specific reasons that I could not control. Then Feburary 8, 2008 Greenville, SC my dreams came true I got to see them on their Have a nice day tour. When the lights went out and the band started to play I was shaking so bad, I thought I was gonna pass out, and when the spot light came on Jon and he was like 25 feet away from where I was it was all I could do to not die right there. I love Bon Jovi with all my heart. My 8 year old son loves them also. They are coming to Charlotte, NC in April and we are trying so hard to save money to get tickets. My son really wants to see them and meet them. You guys are the best and you ROCK. Dont ever stop. We love you. Bon Jovi FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant live without Bon Jovi songs | Reviewer: Armaghan | 1/24/10

Im a 17 year-old fan from Iran.Cant imagine how grateful I felt when they released that single for Iran.badly jealous of all you guys who can go to the shows.badly
Thanks for Huey for being great all these years while not being official.

thank you for loving me | Reviewer: jerry aspiras jr. | 1/19/10

first i was a bon jovi fan(die hard)i like all your songs.it touches me.but the song that really touched me and make me cry is THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME.this song is for my mother and wife.I LOVE BONJOVI specially JON AND RICHIE.i hope you visit the philippines.its a poor counrty but YOUR MY NO.1 BAND

consert | Reviewer: stacey | 12/23/09

ive been a fan for years there music has got me threw a lot of hard times. i love the love songs. im going to the concert in seattle i cant wait. it will be my first bon jovi concert. i cant nwait......

25 and counting | Reviewer: Taletha | 11/23/09

I'm a mom in my 40's and a Bon Jovi fan since 1983 when I first heard Runaway. During my divorce process years ago the song Keep the Faith helped me stay sane and became a bookmark on my soul. I've seen them in concert 17 times over 25 years and will go again in April in Atlanta. I'm a 911 dispatcher and so many times I get off work stressed, depressed from tragedies, etc. and I turn on a Bon Jovi cd and it takes me away. Back to Tommy & Gina, back to It's My life, or Keep the Faith. They are a group of hard working men who perform and give it all in concert for their fans. I've seen them through all the hair years, the spandex pants years, and now as mature men who age like a fine wine, better with time. No matter if you are a fan at 14 or at 41 once you hear them, see them in concert and get to know them, you are hooked for life. Rock on Jon & Boys there is none other to replace you.

live eat sleep bon jovi | Reviewer: steph | 11/14/09

ive been a dedicated fan of b j since runaway and have been to their concerts we are taking our 5 children to see them next year we named our eldest son jon as his second name and had a cat called b.j cant stop talking bout next years concert my one big dream would be to meet the band but i would be so nervous i wouldnt know what to say

Bon Jovi plays Moncton | Reviewer: Charlene Sampson | 10/1/09

Just had to say that I waited a very long time to see the Band Bon Jovi. I wasn't dissapointed. The band played all my favorites like "Lay your Hands on Me", Saturday Night, I'll sleep when I'm Dead",and not to forget "Halehulia". Gave me goosebumps. Love Bon Jovi's new single,I wasn't Born to Follow. Cant wait for the new release in November/09. Hope they come to Halifax sometime soon as I missed them here in the early 90's.I will make it a point to see them again and again

Bon jovi is great great great!>>awesome | Reviewer: langhu anal | 8/15/09

my name is thotsung from India,n here's somethin' i wanna tell the world about BON JOVI.>>>>>> HE's reall..really amazing n i wish i were him.(jealous)when i listen 2 his songs i become crazy-like (IAM)(blaze of glory) etc. There's no word to express how much i like him, he is a big...big fan of mine. love him

amazing <3 | Reviewer: laura | 8/2/09

ill be thirteen soon.... and bon jovi is my favorite band ever. i dont like the new songs either (alleyrockerchick) ... i bought a cd for my birthday, and i fell in love with it. now its all i listen to! im not sure if theyre still touring?? but if they are.... someone let me know please!!!!! <3 bon jovi is the best <3

bonjovi you rock 4eva x by lil beth xx | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/09

Bonjovi is soo awsome i love all his songs especially sturday night and its my life. he is sooo cool and has a great voice my dad likes them to and i found his cd when i was 11 and has loved them ever since. i love you bonjovi you rock x

Bon Jovi Is The Air I Breathe | Reviewer: Yamin Thein | 6/3/09

Nothing can beat Bon Jovi.I'm alresdy 17,and I've loved Bon Jovi all my life.Jon and Richie are truly the sexiest men alive.Just a couple of more lines on their faces but they're still so sexy."It's My Life" is the song that will be in everyone's hearts forever.They're the true meaning of rock and roll.BON JOVI FOREVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!