Keep the Faith | Reviewer: Amanda | 5/20/09

I'm 29 from B-ham,AL and I have been a fan of the group Bon Jovi for the better part of 25yrs. My Mother was a fan she was the one who turned me on to them. She was killed in "88" just before my 8th birthday. Through the years I have still stayed a true Bon Jovi fan there is one song that when I get to feeling down I pop it in the stereo and it makes me think of her and smile,it's the song "THANKYOU FOR LOVIN ME" I know it's a newer song but there was one day about 4yrs ago I had gone by the cemetery to visit her and I was down and it was like she put the words in my mind to get the cd out and listen to that song cause all the sudden the words came out of my mouth from no where I said "Momma thankyou for loving me" and this cool breeze came through the car window and I could smell her perfume she wore chanel but the way it mixed with her own sent was different from any one else. So I put the song in and played it before I drove away and it made me feel alot better. Ever since then that has been the words I say before I walk away from her grave "Thankyou for loving me",so in a way even though she's not here I know like me she's still a Bon Jovi fan. So to the group Bon Jovi thankyou for loving your fans enough to put songs out there such as that one because it's like therapy for the heart and soul.

huck | Reviewer: c.donnelly | 4/20/09

jon you have to be sexisty man alive ,please keep on performing, people out there need to hear your music ,specially our younger generation.and love your songs ,in these arms,be of roses, i'll be there for you.

BON JOVI is GREAT and unbelievable | Reviewer: Mia | 4/15/09

For all the age like me,I am 12,in the first year high school,I'm doing a report for him.HE'S really really great..and I'm jealous...!he's handsome,masculine and he's a true man(not like the others masculine but gayz!!i like he's song always,miracle,and bad medicine.WE ALL LOVE HIM!!

please help my dad please read this | Reviewer: sky proctor | 3/29/09

my name is sky proctor i am a 13 yr old girl life has been very dificul for my dad lateliy we just found out that my grandmar is dieing and its taring my dad apart i no in life these things happen and we need to moiov on but our family is being pulled apart my dad loved bonjovi from the moment he brought the slipry when wet album if any1 has johns email send it to me please this is realy important to me i no its alot to ask for but i am putting my heart and soal into this for my dad please all i want is for john to send a little camera not to my dad saying russell proctor form qld australia everything will work out please help me
mt email is

amazing | Reviewer: dimas | 2/19/09

the first time i see bon jovi when the launched keep the faith album. my uncle played this song in the computer, so now with my band, my favourite band is bon jovi with hair metal. i love the song like, keep the faith, ain`t love song, its my life. its amazing song that has quality on music

Bon Jovi is alright | Reviewer: jaye | 2/18/09

forgive me to critize about Bon Jovi
i like some of his stuff, but i dont see him better than anyone than lets say
the beatles, Led Zeppelin or AC-DC for that matter
the 80's ERA wasnt that good for rock and roll
but hes one of th emost successful musicians of the 80s that are still around, along with my other favorite Social D

LOL | Reviewer: Zach | 1/30/09

I did a report on bon jovi and now im doing a speech! im a guy(be4 u say anything) and bon jovi is just fricking awesome!!!! idc who says anything, if uve never heard of bon jovi, then u dont know the classics ^^

Jon Bon Jovi is MINE | Reviewer: AlleyRockerChickLoves80'sDudes | 1/27/09

I know that I am jealous. Dang I am 13 and I have LOVED Bon Jovi ever since I was little , and I NEVER got to go to one of his concerts. You are probaly one of the luckest 12 year old. Grr Grr Grr. I am a fan of all of the old bands, I HATE all of the new bands, They stink. Alot. Sorry if anyone likes them. Not me. I was born in the 90's and I am stuck in the 80's. But the sad part is I might not be able to EVER see Bon Jovi, because he never comes to the country does he? I sure don't know. I told my mom thatwhat I wanted for Christmas was a time machine so that I could go back in time to when all of the 80's peepz were REALLY HOT, not like now. Except Jon Bon Jovi... I am the only person who listens to this kind of music in my whole school district. But the really cool thing is that my best friends mom got to go in Bon Jovi's Limo in the 80's and have drinks with him. She was going to go to a party also, but my mom was also ready to go .... She was there too. Lucky mom... She has pictures too.. Ha feel jealous now?

I love Jon Bon Jovi | Reviewer: baby face | 1/1/09

OOOh amazing the concert of Bon Jovi in New york. I was watching on New year Eve with my fiancy. I love the concert it was so great and very exciting. I really enjoyed a lot even we were watching on T.V Oh I love it. He was my idol since I was in High school life and now I'm pretty 38 years old but still in my heart my idol Jon Bon Jovi...........I love you so much man.....

anonymous fanatic of BON JOVI.. | Reviewer: mae grace | 10/12/08

whoah!!know what??every time we have some reporting to do,or any activities at school,i always include bon jovi,i always gave him as a good example to my classmates..'because of his achievements.well,you know..i'm only 15,but i really wanna see bon jovi face to face know,i really admire see,my classmates,my friends and some of my relatives often call me 'Bon Jovi",how nice..

THANK YOU Nichole!!! | Reviewer: Aislinn | 8/26/08

Yes, finally someone who agrees with me!!:
Then I'm going to marry him. I don't care if he's already married and my dad's age.
totally agree with you, but my friends don't get it. :( THEIR LOSS!!
I have a Jon Bon Jovi painting in my room that i found in a mall and got the price down to 30 bucks so I could buy it, lol.

PS - unforgettable concert, first one at Madison Square Garden!! I was on the floor, too.

I LOVE YOU JON | Reviewer: Jon Bon Jovi is MINE | 5/19/08

Jon Bon Jovi is my idol, everyone loves him and for "sammie" EVERYONE knows him he is not a nobody and i 12 and in the 7th grade. I even went to 4 of his concerts and got backstage passes so your jelous.

Me too | Reviewer: Sammie | 4/6/08

To the three people below me: I am 13, in the 7th grade, and doing a report on Bon Jovi too. Who the heck cares if no one's heard of him!!! More than likely they have, considering he was (and is) huge. Don't worry, we all love him too.

I agree! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/08

To the three girls below me...I first heard him when I was 13 and didn't really pay attention, then went to my first concert when I was 14. I'm just as in love!!!! OMGOMG haha and now I'm 15 and went to his concert last week where we were really close to the stage. Then he played on this platform TWO ROWS in front of us, and I got a gorgeous piece of eye contact and a smile from him. aaaah. And I've been inspired to follow somewhat in his footsteps.
Then I'm going to marry him. I don't care if he's already marrie and my dad's age.

lonely | Reviewer: Nichole | 4/3/08

To the person below me and the person below them......
I'm doing a Bon Jovi report in school and everyone didn't even know who he is. Being 13 and in 7th grade, loving him, makes you an outsider in my school.