Carolyn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/08

to the person below me...
ME TOO! im also 13, and get laughed at a lot cause i dont know any of the new mainstream crap and im too occupied with my Bon Jovi. everybody can tell you who i listen to....and i would give so much to be around when the band was born...but i have seen them in concert...u have SO MUCH to look forward to=)

title | Reviewer: Kassandra | 1/23/08

I am 13 and i believe i should have been born earlier so i could have been around for their whole career. I love bon jovi and would give anything to see them in concert because i never have. It is hard because I am the ONLY person my age in this town that listens to and LOVES Bon Jovi

dream come true | Reviewer: Leona | 12/15/07

you have made my daughters dream come true. she has waited 13 years to see BON JOVI in concert.she is now 27 years old. this was once in a life time for us, thank you for such an excellent performance.
stay safe,seasons greatings to you all.

come see us! | Reviewer: kate | 12/7/07

love bon jovi!! it would really rock if you could come to New Brunswick CANADA!! The Maritimes would never let you regret it!

Awesomness | Reviewer: Erynn Morris | 12/6/07

Bon Jovi is my favorite rock group, pretty much the only rock group that i listen to. i would love to goo to one of their concerts and meet the band.

simply sensational | Reviewer: rave_edon | 11/30/07

Wow! Bon Jovi is the best from now and then. I've been waiting for the band to come here n the Philippines and do an unforgettable concert. Bon Jovi rocks!!!

love jon forever | Reviewer: Lynn L | 11/13/07

Your the best!!!! lost Highway, I love it.Never been to one of your concert, would love to. Please come to New Brunswick Canada.

love jon forever | Reviewer: Lynn L | 11/13/07

Your the best!!!! lost Highway, I love it.Never been to one of your concert, would love to. Please come to New Brunswick Canada.

BonJovi | Reviewer: grluvsbj4ever | 11/5/07

I am 38 and have been a loyal fan since day 1! Being from NJ where he is from is an added plus! I have been to about 20 concerts! And still going. My kids have been to 3 and they are both under 10! Jon is a beautiful songwriter and excellent on the stage... Rock on!

What Can I say. . . | Reviewer: Stepanie | 10/15/07

Hmmm. . . I absolutely LOVE Jon Bon Jovi! He is my idol! He got me out of a dark place I was in. He inspired me to get up and move on with one of his songs. Living On a Prayer! I took his hand and we made it!

the know bon jovi | Reviewer: peniel gad c. belonta | 10/16/07

my family,friends and i, love bon jovi. Because all the songs of bon jovi is all of sesason. I have onll 7 copies of his album. Slippery when wet, crossroad, keep the faith, these days, destination anywhere, one wild nignt, and new jersey. His song "santa fe and livin on prayer" make me happy. WOW! he is the greatest band all iknow in this world The best!!!! God bless bon jovi and the band members!!!! you are The one of the philippine idol!!!! hey mr. bon, why dont you try to perform concert in our country. all filipinos will welcome you ALWAYS!!!

Great | Reviewer: KYLA | 9/14/07

Like them! My favorite band is Simple Plan and Bon Jovi because of their great songs. Bon Jovi is a legend!

I love jon!!!! | Reviewer: Karol | 8/21/07

He's the best singer ever, the greatest band, i just love them, their songs, everything, i love u, jon!!!

*ROCKGOD* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/07

he is 1 of a kind man!! he really rocks man! his songs always lift up my spirits when i am down.his kinda rock n roll is exxxxplosssssive!!
i have all his songs and all his songs have a deep message in them. u are really inspiring JON!!.

The Rose of South Texas | Reviewer: Rosie Walter | 8/9/07

Im 31yrs old and I loveeee Bon Jovi and Id Love to meet all of them Ive never been to any of their concerts I Love them forever !!!!