Dear Jon | Reviewer: Allison | 8/10/11

Hard to explain in few words what you mean to me..since i was a teenager i fall in love with you and your songs how cai i 35 years old today and still listening your music, watching your videos and crying when i look a pic of you..
My dear Jon, if you only know! Rain of kisses for you, forever, Allison.

Coould use some help | Reviewer: Harold Peters | 7/23/11

Mr Bon Jovi is a great supporter of the Monmouth-Ocean Food Banks. He donated a few trucks to make deliveries to various Food Banks in NJ. We at Lacey Food Bank in Forked River NJ are fortunate enough to receive these monthly deliveries. HOWEVER, we are in need of one single enclosed truck to transport 3 - 4 tons of food to our distribution point. Hopefully he will get this message and possibly help out.
Harold Peters, co-chairman, Lacey Food Bank of Forked River, NJ

bon jovi the best band ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/11

the bon jovi are very strong and jon sins very very well, but even david tico richie and huge sings well too. they are the best they can change your songs from rock to acoustic, as this left fells right.

BON JOVI THE GREATEST | Reviewer: md. raihan hosshen | 3/26/11

Every year, every month , every day, every hour every, minute ,every moment, i feel BON JOVI IN MY BLOOD. I am 17 years old and live in a poor country named Bangladesh. when i hard WELCOME TO WHERE EVER U R, I got my life back.
JON BON JOVI shows us there is no fate but we make it.

AWESOME SHOW!!! | Reviewer: Lisa | 3/10/11

Was at the United Center last night...those New Jersey boys never disappoint. The best part was seeing that they were no less energized than they were when I saw them 22 years ago during their New Jersey tour! For them to pump their hearts into all their songs - new and old - makes it worth every penny and minute!!!! Thanks guys!

Bon jovi the hurricane | Reviewer: ujjwal roy chowdhury | 2/8/11

when i was in scool herd his 'always' and dont know the reason of tear drops came out from my eyes.But when i formed a band and started learning music seriously then i came to know the reason of my craziness about Bon jovi,it is his soulful feelings and powerful throwing of voice,it shakes me always like the people all over the world.He is my idol.I kept my mobile's device name after his name.It is my dream to meet him and get a poster with his autograph.I'v never heard the voice of God but I heard him.

ticket sales | Reviewer: Diana strickland | 2/7/11

Dear are going to be om sale soon in Des Moines Iowa. The tickets are around $1600.00..who can afford that. Are you that poor that u need to charge that. The nose bleed sectipn is $98.00. Im sorry but whocan afford that.not me an my family. Im on social security an would love to take my 3 grand daughters. But I cant even afford $98.00in seats that we wouldnt evem be able to see u. Thankyou

MY ONLY WISH.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/11

Since my birth i really wish to hug him even just a seconds,when i was a kid my family here in the philippines is very poor we dont have cassetes,components or any instrument that can provide me listening to music,but our neighbor always turn it on,that was the winter day of december 1990 i heard his music and until now my wish still a dream i know it my dream is hardly happened..but still im beng here in the philippines.GOD BLES TO ALL OF YOU..

Bon Jovi Moncton | Reviewer: Charlene Sampson | 2/1/11

Two years ago, I saw Bon Jovi for the first time(Lost Highway Tour) Moncton New Brunswick. He has played Halifax, N.S, Canada a couple of times threw the years, but for some reason, I missed them. Anyways, Bon Jovi (Jon, Richie, Brian and Tico) were brilliant. I have seen numerous concerts over the years, but this show was the best Ive ever seen. High energy show and the crowd was awesome. Hope to see them again someday

one drop colors the whole glass | Reviewer: Cassandra Belcher | 1/25/11

I've been listening to BonJovi since i was you.g Im only 18, but he is my inspiration. he never gave up, and his songs keep my spirits high. I ran away from home, workin full time in a family owned grocery store in a backwater town. I have big dreams, but they seem so far away when livin' from check to check. People have told me I have that air of greatness.. and seeing him come this far only brings my horizon a little closer. Thank you my good sir, I'll keep listening, and my spirits will keep flyin'.

blood on blood tino digianni | Reviewer: tino digianni | 10/26/10

I have rocked with you guys all the way since 1983. You have definately made a difference in my life. I am forever in debt. I will die a jovi fan. Don,t stop now. The rollercoaster ride is just begining for me and the rest of the world. Keep pumping out the hits. You were born to rock . Keep touching our hearts and we"ll keep listening forever. God bless your friend tino.

i'll be there for you jon | Reviewer: iwanna | 8/7/10

i am a bon jovi fan(specially jon and richie)and i love all of your songs,but the song i like the most is"i'llbe there for you"i don't know why,but i loved it from the 1st time i heared it!i really want you to visit greece cause i really wanna see you and you got A LOT OF FANS here!!!!!

BIG Bon Jovi Fan | Reviewer: cheryl | 7/30/10

I have been a big fan for many years. I had a yellow Lab whom i had called Jovi after Bon Jovi she passed away a few years ago at the age of 16 i miss her. I just went to a Bon Jovi concert in Regina Saskatchewan on wednesday, they rocked the house they were awesome. Great Show.

Your the best | Reviewer: Akeem | 6/14/10

I first listened and watched them onstage when my dad and friends was having drinks at my home.i was only 6 years old. the song its my life was on. thats my favorite song out of every song that use made. it tell's me i should do what i want instead off people telling me what to do. i Feal powerfull listening to that song. your the best rockstar.

Get a life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/10

To Chris, the guy who wrote right before me. If you're so pathetic to have to look up sites like this just to put others down about who their favorite band is then you have serious issues and no life. Seriously, find something better to do with your get a life. If you think you're soooo much better than Bon Jovi, then why aren't YOU the rockstar! Anyways, I am a huge fan myself...just remember fellow fans..100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can't be wrong! Love you guys!