Luuuurvvve em! | Reviewer: Lorna C | 8/8/07

I've loved Jon Bon and the boys 4ever!! I'm 26 now and have been listening to them since I was born!! There's no other band out there that could possibly compare. I've been to 7 of their concerts and get soo depressed when its over I'm planning to go to the next one straight away!! It's my absoloute dream to meet them. I am 100% their biggest fan evverrrrr. Lorna, Ireland.

Staying True:)! | Reviewer: Victoria Gonzalez | 7/25/07

I went to many of the Bon Jovi concerts back in the 80's - he's as great now as he was then!! What's so admirable about him is his love for the music. He stays true to it and his fans without getting caught up with the commercial part of it. With him you know what you get, which is a great listening experience. I can watch him for days. Jon, you ROCK!!!!

someday i'll be saturday night | Reviewer: Vanessa Le Roux | 6/29/07

BON JOVI, WOW!! He can light my fire everyday, his band is so fantastic and his songs so inspirational, i love him and afcourse the band. Their songs just keep on getting better and their is no stopping them. Please come to south africa, the people their love you!!! If their is one thing i want to do is i 'want to make a memory'' Bon Jovi will make music till the end of time. God Bless!!

have a nice day tour | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/07

I saw three concerts ...they were all awesome. I even got to hold Jon's hand for a moment at one of the concerts.....I will never forget that !!!

THE BIGEST,THE STRONGEST,THE BEST | Reviewer: xxtoni | 6/24/07

Hes ower 20 years around he is the best from rock and i still think that he is the best rocker that walked on the earth(even if he sayes something else)

He inspires me with his song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/07

I love Bon Jovi my friends think I'm crazy but I don't care. On my way too school I listen to his music and he writes the most amazing words in his music and It's My life was my new years resulution and i live by his words sounds crazy but he makes me strong. I got to hold his hand at his Have a Nice Day tour and I almost died he's so good to his fans he deserves a metal of honour he's the greatest I love Him he's my WOW

#1 FAN!! | Reviewer: Julia | 6/22/07

I have loved Bon Jovi since I was a young teenager. I just knew I would some day marry him. That did not happen, but I still love him. Now in my mid 30's my husband knows and understands that Jon is my first love. I love his music, but more than that I have grown to love him as a person. He is not only a great song writer, a great singer, but he is an awesome person. He is a great father, and a wonderful loving husband...HE IS THE PERFECT MAN!!!
I will love you for ALWAYS, Jon!

greatest | Reviewer: Kathryn | 6/18/07

they r the greatest. my step dad first heard the song livin on a prayer in 2002 when my second from youngest sister was born. soon after he was loving all their songs and got me into them. Atfirst I wasn't sure weather I liked them untill I heard the album these days. Since then, I have become a really, really, really, big fan, Infact I think I might be their no 1 Fan, THEY ROCK MY WORLD!

Family Life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/07

I was wondering is Bon Jovi married, how long,
who to , and how many kids do they have. I think that Bon Jovi is the most talented band in
a long time and I love how he came out of New Jersey just like Bruce Springsteen something special must be in the water in New Jersey Jon
is very talented and his music is the best andhe is the most talented musician in a long time.

Come to Romania!pls! | Reviewer: codruta | 6/15/07

ok.i am very impressed by your band every since i was a little child.i got all your albums and i listed them with great pleasure.Bon Jovi te iubesc!

Always | Reviewer: Amin | 6/13/07

just listen to the song named "ALWAYS"
its my everthing
i love this song

he is increadible | Reviewer: begum | 6/12/07

he has an excellent voice and i cant help admiring their songs-hope one day i ll be able to go their concert

Shake My Hand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/07

Being a Jersey Girl I basically breathed Jon growing up. Love his music.. and he is easy on the eyes also. Just hope to one day shake the mans hand would be so sweet.

BON JOVI IS MY LIFE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/07

I listen to Bon Jovi non-stop. People actually make fun of me for loving them so much... its funny. I can't wait for them to go in concert for "Lost Highway". I'm counting down the days!

you are wonderful Jon Bon Jovi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

You are undoubtedly the type of man who makes girls sigh...just because everything in you is are wonderful as a person, as a singer...thank you for making me sigh and dream too...and give a concert in Portugal..please...