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Performed by Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi

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SHOULD NOT BE #1 ON HARD 100 | Reviewer: Natasha | 11/11/12

i love this song and don't mean any distrspect to anyone but its not really the best hard rock or heavy metal song.right now i'm watching the marathon of hard 100 and #61 is once bitten twice shy by great white which i don't know if it is hard rock but its harder than bon jovi.#65 was dragula by rob zombie which should definitley be on the list.compared to todays rock livin on a prayer is harder i guess.the sad thing is poison is considered a type of metal now because music today is wimpy and stupid.poison was in the top 10 my opinion judas priest iron maiden slayer black sabbath metallica megadeth and ozzy osbourn should have been closer to #1.i'm 12 and missed ALL the good musicthere were so many good song on the list HOW IS THIS#1!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????by the way the hard 100 was on vh1 classic and the list is on their website.the hardest thing in the top 10 was probably balls to the wall by accept, and my 6 year old sister sings 10 year old sister has no interest in it.

Stupid music today. | Reviewer: 80's fanatic | 5/28/11

I know this is supposed to be about the song. So yeah, BON JOVI ROCKS!

I will soon be a parent and i don't want my child to listen to the music today. Right now, the only modern songs are about getting laid and being drunk. It's a bad influence for our youth. I would much rather my child sing this than sing to Rihanna. 80's have nothin innapropriate about their songs. Let your kids listen to this stuff please. All hail Bon Jovi!

Beautiful is an Understatement for Such a Masterpiece.... | Reviewer: Steleluna Iubire | 9/16/09

The first time I had heard this most wonderful piece of artwork I had cried. I had cried because of the sad, sad melody that they had chosen to compliment the lyrics.... I had cried because of the sad lyrics in general.... I had cried the hardest out of any of the three reasons because of that fact that literally every single word of this song had hit home with me- exactly like the Japanese planes' bombs had hit Pearl Harbour so right on target so many decades ago....

Hell yes. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/09

Really great song, love the talkbox on the guitar...

And Manny... Not alot of rock songs have meaning? Rock is one of the most powerful genres as far as meanings from songs. Sure, not all of it was meaningful. But a hell of a lot more of it is deeper than rap/hip hop and pop songs.

Amazing | Reviewer: Ryan | 1/4/09

This song shows the life of two people that are probably married and trying to make a living. It does it in a great fashion.

"We've got to hold on ready or not
You live for the fight when thats all that you've got"

Simply excellent.

BON JOVI & JON BON JOVI | Reviewer: sara | 2/27/08

hi bon jovi & jon bon jovi. i really like your songs.the ones i love are you give love a bad name,livin on a prayer,its my life and lost guys are amazing and i always sing your songs.I LOVE YOU BON JOVI & JON BON JOVI!

Amazing | Reviewer: MJ | 1/21/08

Bon Jovi is a person everyone can listen to especially Living On A Prayer. I went to his concert in December 2007 and when he comes back to Toronto in March 2008 I so want to go again.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Manny | 10/25/07

Not a lot of rock songs have a lot meaning, but this song is so beautiful. I love to sing this song. Another classic by Bon Jovi.

Love love love it! | Reviewer: Just Me-94 | 8/19/07

I just love Bon Jovi (specially Jon Bon Jovi ;D). They write songs that mean something to everyone. I like each and everyone of their songs, but one of my favorites is Livin' on a prayer. I've never been on one of their concerts but I'm so going when they come to Finland again. I've been listenig Bon Jovi since I was five years old. =D

great lyircs! =] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

:) I love this song and the lyrics are pefect to sing along too!!! =] thankyou

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