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Performed by Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi

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i was a school grad. when i heard this song...and it fell into my soul and never came out....i love this song, everytime when me n my sister want to cheer up we quote "have a nice Day" keeping in mind Jon Bon Jovi and song.
great song for entire life.

What a great song! | Reviewer: M-crazy | 8/8/11

I first heard this song when i played....a u know?this song is the background muzik of the famous game:counter strike volcano.i really love those beat,and also it's meaning...thanks to bon jovi,now i know what to do to keep standing in my life....(sorry for so many mistakes,iam a foreigner!)

In my opinion | Reviewer: Kerrie | 3/23/11

I come home everyday and get picked on... My teachers tell me if its not important enough then dont write it down... D: what kind of teacher does that... But everytime i come home i always listen to Bon Jovi no matter what... He's my IDOL!!!I LOVE HIM!! Im so jelous that my mom, and my aunt get to go see him in concert.

not a rebbelion song | Reviewer: Thatguy | 2/12/10

This song isn't about being a rebel it's about being who YOU want to be. It's to remind you to ignore judgement because 90% of the time people who judge others are wrong. It's about livin' your life your way. Btw Bon Jovi FTW!!!

Bon Jovi | Reviewer: Peter | 4/30/09

It's true that the song rulz ...
But it is true what people say too :)
Have a nice day is a song with ... some kind of special power that has been given to you when you are listening it . It's the same here with me. But the song that I REALLY LOVE IS IT'S MY LIFE. That is the song that can makes you FREE and do WHATEVER you wanna do ;)

HAVE A NICE DAY!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/09

I am a teen and starting to face peer pressure and all that crap... I go home angry as hell from school until I heard this song... Now when people are trying to put me down and stuff... I just think, "Have a nice day!"

Power of Decision | Reviewer: V Schmalz | 3/18/09

Whenever I feel revolted with some kind of tight situation in my life, such as social pressure, listening to this song sorta removes some weight from me... makes me feel free! This song totally rocks, it's what made Bon Jovi one of my fave bands. You really feel the spirit in the song, the instrumental part helps too, that <Am - F - C - G> arrangement (maybe transposed) really gives it some spirit! If you feel bad about something in your life, think about it: how can that just knock you down? You have power of decision, and that power is greater than anything in life if properly used. Another song with similar meaning is "It's My Life". Something to think about...

Have a nice day...yeah! | Reviewer: Meleemaru | 9/10/08

I guess this song is not about rebel stuff.It's more about to be YOU.You dont need people who tell you whats right or wrong,you dont need people who tell when you're cool or not.You are at the best wehen you are yourself.

I think the song is about accepting yourself as you are,TO BE yourself and not like others want to.But this doesnt mean to break rules.

Funky Fresh! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/08

i think this song is so crazy and awsum that it makes me want to do somthing! i always sing this song while im in the car in sing to the top of mi lungs

Review For Have A Nice Day | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/07

This is such a great song. I think it's best for teens. It Really speaks out to us and its a great song to listen to when ur "POed" at the world. Many teens rebel and this song is a great rebellion song. I think it also fits for other situations. I think it links to peer pressure and drugs and alcohol for teens. People tell you you're not cool if you don't drink or have some smokes. This song inspires them to just flash a smile and say,"Have a nice day!"

I believe musicians are messengers | Reviewer: Travis | 11/20/07

I was new to rock music, my small sister loved it the most and it somehow caught me, the 1st time this song played in her room, i realised i was a sleeping rocker, it awakened me the most as i read the lyrics coz somehow, mom was a little had on my sister, its a secret we share everytime it plays, waht amazes me most is mom forgets to review the lyrics but jigs to the rythm, i like the song otrightly, big up to B J.

hello | Reviewer: david | 11/20/07

have a nice day is one of best songs in the world but ac/dc and other groups are better. have a nice days with it's my life are the best songs of bon jovi

going thru the motions | Reviewer: Alpha | 11/9/07

It's ok by today's standards, but it would've been rated as B Side material back in the Slippery When Wet days

koke | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/07

this song is much more beautiful, this song is mine, my mom control my life and i'm need free live :/ i love this song

have a nice day | Reviewer: peace and love | 8/12/07

the best song in the world, bon jovi, is my boyfriend......
his lyrics and he are beatiful,


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