can't stop imagine your face, John. | Reviewer: salnath | 5/7/11

yes i wanna lay you down in a bed of roses
as you close your eyes know I'll be looking at your eyes.
i love your eyes, you know what, I'll be there for you, i'll give you a great portrait of yourself, I'll touch your hand, I'll look into your eyes, deeply. I love you.

Bed Of Roses | Reviewer: RANDALL K KETTERER | 4/13/09

" Jon Bon Jovi "
Rulez! baby! all I got to say
he's been my Favorite Artist as growing up
Bon Jovi if you're reading this you ROCK! DUDE!!
and thankyou for coming out to Phoenix in that concert you did , it was great :-)
heres myspace add me and all who else wants too

amazing song | Reviewer: sala/darren hayes lover | 2/3/08

wow , i cried when he said ( i wanna lay you down on a bed of roses ..and i'll sleep on a bed of nailes ) i mean he really touch my heart
i looove him but not like darren hayes darren is my best singer ilove him more than anything in the world

I cabt stop singing it 2 | Reviewer: Trina | 11/18/07

Bon Jovi is my Fav band, greatttt songs love them all the way from auzz. I badly wanted to go to the syd aust concert 12 years ago but I wasn't allowed coz I was 2 young (5 years) and they are coming here in Australia for a concert in Sydney on 22nd Jan 08. omg I cant wait to go, its about time yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyya love this song, love all. mhwahz

HELP! cant sing this stuff LOL! | Reviewer: sangos | 8/3/07

Had this tune in my head all the while
never thouhgt the lyrics will be so DUMB...
You can call that the power of MUSIC

Sent Me Lyric More | Reviewer: Rifai | 4/17/07

Thank A lot For All. :)

hunky | Reviewer: gail | 11/12/06

listen to bed of roses by john bon jovi