Marley and the Jews | Reviewer: Conquering Lion of Judah | 2/9/14

There's no evidence that Marley had anything against the Jews or Zionism. Rastafarianism is based on Haile Selassie being a direct descendant of King Solomon of the House of David, via the Queen of Sheba and Menelik I. His grandmother, Ellen Marley ne Broomfield, was Jewish and his son Ziggy (David) is married to an Israeli Jew, Orly Marley,who is also his business manager. Ziggy visits Israel frequently and celebrates the Jewish holidays with their kids. Another Bob Marley son, Rohan Marley, will be visiting Israel next week for 2 nights of 69th birthday celebrations at the Barbie, well known Tel Aviv venue, where Israel's leading reggae and soul artists wull be paying tribute to the Iron Lion of Zion. In traditional Rastafarianism, Zion means Ethiopia, but in "de facto Rasta" its meaning is gradually migrating to mean the original Zion, which is variously Mt. Zion, the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and/or the land of Israel.

Meaning of Zion | Reviewer: debbie | 11/20/13

Zion in Rastafarianism means Ethiopia, where paradise on earth will come according to their beliefs. Zion, from the Old Testament, refers to a hill in Jerusalem on which the Kingdom of David was built when he brought the 12 tribes of Israel together. It's use refers to Jerusalem and Israel, and it has the same meaning for Christians and Jews. It is the root word for Zionism, the movement that calls for returning Jews to their ancestral homeland.

True meaning of Zion | Reviewer: Phil | 8/3/13

This song has nothing to do with Zionists. Bob Marley was a Rastafarian and later an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian. For Rastafarians Zion is 'the promised land' (Africa or the world as it should be freed from all oppression). Orthodox Christians have a similar understanding and see 'Zion' as 'the dwelling place of God' and the 'world to come'.

Zionists Raped Africa | Reviewer: Zion Train | 5/9/13

Zionists wrote in the Talmud that Ham (the black son of Noah) was cursed to Justify their transgression against black people. That's why RIP Bob wrote this song, Love you Marley.

i wonder | Reviewer: barossa.. | 12/30/10

i wonder what actually Bob Marley was going to say...what do the words mean...did he hates zionis..or loves them...from what have i understood...he was like..waiting and hoping for the zion train..i don't know..

Best of Bob Marley | Reviewer: kelechi osuji | 8/31/09

This is one of Bob Marley's best written songs...very deep and tells a lot about his fate and destiny.It touches all aspects of man and his soul searching...good to the ears and comforting to the mind