music from the ghetto | Reviewer: ahlmann | 2/26/14

i remembered this song whilst reading Spiritual Warfare by Jed McKenna, and to me it symbolizes spiritual starvation. that even with our physical needs met we find lack, desolateness, emptyness, why continue living the way we do in dissatisfaction? We know this hole can not be filled with food, goods, entertainment, why do we continue doing it?

Rise up, start dancing to get into your spiritual self, not to rid yourself of dissatisfaction, but to fertilize and irrigate, explore it, find truth inside you, turn your weakness into strength, shit into gold, and dismiss everyting that's wrong and untrue in this world. because whatever you find outside of yourselves, it won't fill that hole: the food no 'nough

raw marley | Reviewer: rolo | 2/20/13

hearing this song is to hear why bob is the father of reagge, included in the naty dread album, a kind of mantra, a groove that makes you feel that marley was born to sing and teach how reagge music should be, his voice is the history telling you a story.

Hey -- It's a song for Occupy Wall Street!! | Reviewer: pcardout | 11/14/11

Have heard the song many a time, but with all that Marley accent going on I never quite figured out the lyrics. Now that most of the US is downwardly mobile, I suddenly realized that he sings
"A hungry mob, is an angry mob". There you go ...
I heard that FDR saved capitalism during the great depression by protecting the 99% enough to prevent revolution. No one seems clever enough to do that this time around.

Outstanding | Reviewer: CJ | 6/8/11

This is Bob Marley at the height of social consciousness. Musically the song is tight, and the lyrics tell a story of a tough life showereed with thoughts of "its gonna be alright..just keep on keepin' on". Good stuff.

"Da" Should Be "Jah"... | Reviewer: Theo Baskind | 11/15/08

My review for this song is 20 thumbs up! As for the lyrics they get a severe 20 thumbs down...

Every place you put the word "Da" should be "Jah"! Without the word Jah in the song it loses all significance...