marley rocks | Reviewer: colt griffith | 4/17/09

i think that bob marley is a probly the best pot smoker i ever knew he is an insperation to everyone and if you dont like bob marley you are a fag and you can just die peace love and marley peace out
colts# 940-456-2507

to all the weed smokers | Reviewer: april | 4/14/09

alot of people think bob marley is someone to just listen to an smoke weed.. not everyone does this. his music was amazing. but also good to smoke to.. so ive heard. he inspires people to be peacful and have love... he had love for weed an his music.. why cant he just have both and a rememberence.. im sure it'd be fine with him. keep remembering him!!!

Patrick | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/09

I Know people who grew up with Bob.They smoked Herb in Church as a sacrement to JAH! Rastafari.JAH being God! or Jesus! Will be forever Loving JAH! Bob believed in God and the King James Bible. Which the very first page in Genesis God gave every herb bering seed for his own use! Get up Stand up for your rights! His music was Spiritual.

One Of Dem Original Rastafarians Bob Marley | Reviewer: maquain jordan | 4/9/09

Yo first of all I would like to say bless to all of Bob Marleys family and Bob Marley was the man for real his music changed people in a view or in a way his music got me rockin and to all of his kids bless and keep your belief as an Rastafarian because now people forgot what rasta or relation mean they turned the whole word around Mi I say yo BOB MARLEY is the best he learned from the best and the lord really gave him some talen.

~*I*LOVE*BOB*MARLEY*~ | Reviewer: Charmayne | 4/7/09

I love bob marley so much. In one of my classes im doing a 5-10 research on anyone we wanted to so i choose Bob Marley. His music gives me the strength to go on every day and to be happy.....i don't what i would do with out his music.....he is so awesome......

also i just got a hoodie with him on it, he looks so hot

one love | Reviewer: Shellee | 3/30/09

Ok so Bob Marley is about peace and freedom, but katiewindow isnt being very peaceful with her message...anyways...I listen to Bob Marley everyday he calms me down because thats the type of music he has, calming peaceful music, thats the type of person he was. And to me its sad that he died of cancer, but I do respect his beliefs and decision. Hes a strong man for that. And everybody else who said that people smoke weed half of them dont even listen to him or thinks of him as just a pothead. thats not true, i smoke weed and i understand what message Bob Marley was trying to send to people, and i like him for his music. My favorite song of his is redemption song.

Listen | Reviewer: Braden Neddermeyer | 3/25/09

Bob healed a political rivalry in Jamaica. He has the Order of Merit in Jamaica. People who MATTER remember bob for his beliefs and music. Don't worry about the weed smokers, they don't matter to the true message of Robert.

i agree | Reviewer: will>the | 3/25/09

i agree with katiewindow half of you probably dont even listen to his music so stfu sure weed is a wonderfull thing but so was the things he stood for and musically created. he is, was, and always will be a music legend. live on BoB.<OneLove>

ahh | Reviewer: steph =] | 3/12/09

okay so bob marley is the man! i must say its really sad that hes died! =[
and all you guys have the wrong idea of this man. hes not all about the smoking and getting high its about finding peace with your self and with others. and if you guys dont get that thew lisoning to his music then you guys really dont know who bob marley is. hes a man that stands for freedom and stands up for things and has a viocie he doesnt just sit back and let people put him down or let things that he think is wrong just pass right by him and him not do anything about it. he stands up for what he believes in. hes my hero and if thats all you people really think of him as a pot head cheak yourselfs and lison to hes music SOBER and you will see behind ever song there is a meassage. that doesnt have to do with sex, drugs, or gangs..its not like all the music thats out there today.

Why? Why Lord? Why? | Reviewer: Kelly | 3/10/09

I love bob marley... hes the mann.. hes my hero..
i have a bong and its named Robert Nesta Marley.. its only a few years old and it still works good... I love his music. His music is the best in the whole wide world. every time i listen to hs music it gives me the wicked chills down my back... He is a Legend... i always pray and say thank you to Bob for everything and bringin ppl together instead of hating eachother.. i love him for that.. everytime when i get high i always say "one for me and one for Bob Marley"... he is the godest... I repesent himm everyday like crazy.. thats how much i love him... I thank him for weed too. May you R.I.P Bob Marley. love you and always...

Seriously...... | Reviewer: Katiewindow | 3/8/09

Nearly every person that has made a review on here, they've probably never even listened to his music. You can tell by the way some of the reviewers type...
They probably can't even acknowledge his true message.
Of love and peace.
Not to smoke weed everyday and get high off your ass.

Nobody these days even listens to him. They just like him because he has been labeled a "stoner" by this generation.
And that's all this generation cares about these days. Getting high all the time.

You don't admire him for who he is or what his message was.
You only admire him for what he did. Which was smoke weed.

"I named my bong after him."
Seriously, now. Come on.
"And he smoked weed! I do too!"
How low can your intelligence and morality sink to?

I can assure you, if Bob Marley were here today, he'd be disappointed that more people admire him for smoking WEED than they admire him for his musical TALENT.

The only reason Bob Marley smoked weed because it was believed, in his culture, that it brought you closer to God.
This generation and culture doesn't believe that. They just believe it's the "new in thing."

If the only thing you can acknowledge is the fact that he was a stoner, then you don't deserve the privilege of stating how he was a great artist, because you probably couldn't even name five songs by him.

Point blank.
End of story.

bob marley why did you do weed and pot | Reviewer: jesse | 3/8/09

Bob marley is an amazing person he inspires people to be very peaceful and loving in many differt ways but at the same time couldn't you be someone else than somking weed and pot or just doind drugs although I don't want listen to all that crap about pot and weed you also are practically telling a lot of people to go smoke pot and weed some people only know you for that I wish everybody just new you from you really were a good peaceful singer triyng to make peace like me but I guess we all have to dil' with it know. :[ <3 jesse ;/

ONE LOVE ONE LIFE | Reviewer: Nate Lambert | 3/5/09

I love bob marley when i am haveing a bad day i put his music on i grew up around his music and will jam to it until i die Unfortunately i wasnt alive when he was still performing but fortunately his music still lives on | Reviewer: SHORTY | 3/2/09

i love him hes the best he his music inspires me to keep my head up high n always remember life goes on i dont know what i would do with out his music if he were alive i would want to go see him in concert hecc yes

i love himm (: | Reviewer: hospieepet | 2/27/09

I think Bob Marley is amazing. In school they told us to write a report/speech on someone who has impacted both my, and many other peoples lives. my whole family lovess him, so as soon as i heard the assignment, i had to get him. hes a great role model for many to follow, and now a day, believers in his msg are starting off young.

btw, i just bought a hoodie with him on itt