A true rasta | Reviewer: Tophertof | 2/5/12

This is what I call a life well lived, my true inspiration in Rastafarian history indeed you laid down a great strong foundation for all rasta worldwide. Rest in eternal peace Jahman.

A legend. | Reviewer: George | 1/25/12

Even though if Rhastafarianism does not allow him to cut his finger , he should do it .

I'm listening to him over 3 hours per day.

You guys try to imagine , how it would be if Bob Marley would be still alive.

New songs , new albumbs, more lives.

Even though if he was loyal to his religion , he should cut his toe .

Health over all things .

exodus,concrete jungle and tree little bird. | Reviewer: paul | 1/15/12

Bob is indeed an evergreen, an not yet born when u are dead but ur song and lyris inspired me anytime an bored i listen to ur song to keep me inspired. I luv to sing reggea but i cant smoke my dad and my brother make me luv reggea more and more. How i which to know u but notwithstanding u are dead ur music rein 4ever,sleep at the right hand of the father till we meet and part no more.RIP.

The king smoking and the great singer | Reviewer: arbazkhan | 1/14/12

hi i am arbaz hey why marley my age is only 15years you dead in1981 why why you cant survive for me and yours fans listen you are great man and best sineger yours genres reggae is best i am love i very like yours one love one heart and no woman no cry i am born in india mumbai a place jogeshwari i love my dad and my mom take care both me also so here end my word bye bye bob i see you after more years mean 50-70 years below good bye

The grate man BOB | Reviewer: sanjayupadhyay | 12/17/11

i often listen his nusic,and tym it likes a new music,the king of awesome music ,bob i realy luv u.u r the true inspirational personality for the new comers in music.we all love u

BOB MARLEY INSPIRED ME8-)... | Reviewer: Darean Moorman | 12/9/11

when i was growing up bob marley inspired me and so many different ways and his songs motivates me to keep moving forwed and not back down from anything that would destract me from working or hangingout with my friends....

i listen to them when im over my grandparents or if im at home and sometimes i here them on radio and most movies....

no homo but as GOD'Z Word's ; "LOVE MEN THEY WAY THEY WOMEN"

i<3bobmarley | Reviewer: dayna | 12/5/11

bob marleys music touchd me to my heart its such great music like i listen to it everyday on my ipod i have everyone of his song and my room is completey full with bob marley like i have to put my aouthr bob marley stuff is my brothers room ....but anyway his son ziggy and damian are very good sings and they look like bob marley to but bob marley was tha best like no is this whole world will or could replace him....EVERYONE CALLS MIKELLE JACKSON THA KING OF MUSIC ..WELL TO MY BOB MARLEY IS THA KING OF MUSIC ....LONG WITH BOB MARLEYS LEGAND <3 ONE LOVE ONE HEAT ONE JOINT <3

help a me? :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/11

I'm doing an informative speech about Bob
Marley and I need three main points with
3 subtopics each and a conclusion. Can
Anyone help me please. (: I abseloutely love
Bob Marley he is one of my favorite artists
Of all time.

The musician i wish to ever see | Reviewer: Xakypoq | 8/31/11

It's rastamantic. Though i've been hearing of bob marley but i've not listened to his ever before until i came across his album and after watching the fantastic scene and i swore that i was gonna see him until a friend told me he was and i was broke.

Bob 'A Diamond' | Reviewer: Christian C. Okoronkwo | 8/24/11

Each time i listens to Marley's rylics, the more i gets the real aim of why we are living and understands that we ought to impact +vely to others with our lives and make d world a better place. Though he's not physically here with us but he lives, bcos he is a 'Diamond' He'll 4eva be remembered. If next yr's 11th May will be hosted in Nigeria, i'll be very glad.

to Robert | Reviewer: saula bueta | 8/21/11

...i listen to your music everyday,i never get bored... its so touched, every song you sing is so meaningful...i post your pictures on my wall...just to reminds me of you, even though i was not there when you were there...i wish to turn back time but i can't...i follow the way you are...being a dreadlocks...smoking the holy herb...sing your song, to be like you but i never will. when i listen to your song, i feel complete,wash away all the frustrations..i miss you Nesta...always...

bob marley | Reviewer: SAM | 8/10/11

Your a beast bob your insperational. I watched the movie "I AM LEGEND" theres no hope left the he plays your music thats when i started listening and ever since i cant get stop listening to your music. Wish u were still alive


The Legend | Reviewer: nyamkwi benual | 7/26/11

Bob,you are a man with a difference.Your quotations are the events of life that you saw before time.though you are not physically present with us,but i feel your presence anytime i come across your name or anything about you.Truly, you are a hero and may your soul rest in peace.

my teacher | Reviewer: Tordim tever ernest travs | 7/13/11

were eva ya @ me strongly beliv ya wit Jah rita now nt too worry daddy we gon live this life the way ya alwaiz want it to be nd tell Jah he sud nt stop in ensurin peace in the world.Jah we luv u.BOB is my peace Ambassador

Bob Marley in Me. | Reviewer: Ayodele Adedeji | 7/15/11

May his soul rest in peace, i belief we are still meeting in paradise, he is a prophet of our time, Jah messenger of our time, is a pity is so young when he left this sinful world but is good for a prophet like him.
His musics is uncompatrable, Nesta lives on.