. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/09

he was a great person he figured out why we are on this earth and we should just enjoy life for what it is bob you were and still are a great person in my mind and you had the biggest influance one me and how i live my life and i am so thankful for your help i love you

LOVE | Reviewer: qNICKp | 10/13/09

Nesta Marley will be remembered and honored forever
He was a pure man and a had a true soul...I know I may not know as much as most of you know of Robert Nesta Marley..but just through his music we could all agree that he was a rare human being-a legend..

thanks | Reviewer: savannah | 9/24/09

i am from jamaica so i know alot bout bob marley but the one thing didnt know is how much he cared about his music it is sad that he died but he knew he would. thanks bob marley for what u have given us may u rest in peace.

Let live | Reviewer: Kofi's Seed | 7/7/09

Any man who judge another for their life as sinner or saint shuld take 5 steps back because they are getting ahead of themselves. Lets forget what we dnt knw fully and remember what we do know and thats simple Nesta was is will be the man me ago name my children after him. Dnt deal the bad card yall weed doesnt define the man his music lives in us all love it or hate it its nt going no place.

Bob Marley/ Johnny Nash got him out of Jamacia and into the Spotlight! | Reviewer: Bob Charles | 6/26/09

I think this long and mostly thorough biography was well done, but did miss the very large influence and support Bob received from Johnny Nash. When Johnny went to record in Jamacia, Bob was "hired" to sweep up the recording studio because Bob just wanted to be "there" and to show Johnny his songs he wrote and his "Wailers" group. "Stir It Up"(with Bob and his group on backup) was "Huge"in England and in the "Mellow" AC Chart in America, "Guava Jelly"(even recorded by Barbra Steisand) and songs he co-wrote with Johnny, got Bob his recording contract and out of Jamacia to England, where The Rock steady/Ska sound was really hot, and the likes of Eric Clapton and others started looking to Bob's songs for them to play.
Anyone who really appreciates and enjoys Bob Marley's songs and loving and peaceful influence we all still can feel and pass on, should really know Johnny Nash and his great sound too. BC

marley, the world's greatest | Reviewer: johnpaul | 6/23/09

let's be truthful people,marley was and still is the undisputed king of reggae.no one can take dat away frm him.his contributns,legacies and charisma will always be remembered.he spoke 4 d poor,4 justice,n 4 d entire world.RESPECT 2 MARLEY. NIGERIA

Remember the Legend | Reviewer: steph | 6/12/09

Bob Marley wasn't about smoking pot and being a stoner. Yeah sure he smoked pot but what he stood for was peace, love and music. It bothers me when people talk about Bob Marley as a stoner cause that's not what he should be known for. I don't think Bob Marley would like to be known for that either. He should be known for as someone who had a deep love for music and was full of peace and love. I mean thats what he was all about. That's why he performed at all those peace concerts. So please respect what he did and speak of him as a legend with a view of loving others and helping others..don't like him because he's a pot head, have more meaning behind why you like him, i love Bob Marley and yeah I listen to his music when I get high but I listen to his music all the time..he's my hero for the things he did and what he supported. But I loved reading this biography and learning more about Bob Marley and the Wailers, awesome job to whoever wrote it, I appreciate the time it must have taken you to write it. But again to everyone remember Bob Marley as a legend who lives on and wanted nothing more that peace and love. He looked at everyone as equal, which is something I try to do everyday, "Don't judge the life I live. I know I'm not perfect and I don't strive to be, but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean first" ...."Love the life you live, live the life you love" Peace

I love him | Reviewer: Kalegrace | 5/20/09

Bob Marley is a musical divinity and he will always be remembered. He changed the world with his music and still does. He is a great person for they way he was when he was here. His music speaks truth with a great beat! :) Love You Nesta!

One Love.:] | Reviewer: Kayley | 5/11/09

Bob Marley's words inspired all of us and moved our hearts! Anyone thats looking down on him for smoking weed needs to grow up and listen to his music. It was his life so why does it matter so much to you?! A man can quit smoking,but it takes a true man to face cancer. His legend will live on forever.

-Dont gain the world and lose your soul, for wisdom is much greater then silver and gold -Bob Marley<3

bob is bob | Reviewer: bill | 5/8/09

i dont care what they say about bob he is one of the best musicians that have been known worldwide.i smoke weed and i dont care about people that critisize me!!!if u know why ur doin it then do it or else just leave it alone..bobs music have adeeper meaning than just smoking weed.respect and love to bob!!!!rip

i agree with Jo:) | Reviewer: DizzyDesi | 5/4/09

Bob Marley is AWESOME!! it doesn't matter how he is remembered, his spirit live's on through the lyrics you here in his songs.he said "one good thing about music,when it hits- it doesn't hurt" so why are people arguing over stuff that doesn't really matter, and tarnishing his great talent. he was about love and peace, and i don't really think that arguing is very peacfull.

"Love would never leave us alone" -Bob Marley<3

Dis is ridikulus "( | Reviewer: FoOtWoRk09 | 5/1/09

I cnt bliv tht all yall pepls cum on2 a website tht is 4 da HONOR of Bob Marley n talk bout nonsequential thngs lik smokn pot... Bob Marley wz a musicn! he did wat he did 4 luv of music, ya he might hav smokd pot bt do u honstli thnk thts wat he wntd 2 b rmembrd by? hav sum respect pepl! Marley wz n stll is a GREAT man. rmembr him hm 4 wat he did best wat he worked 2 obtain hs entire lif. MUSIC. Music is lif tht wz Bob Marleys msg. Dont riddicule hs nam, if u truli r a Bob Marley fan n a supportr of hs word u wudnt run dirt across hs nam wit tlk bout POT. B RESPCTFL! "(

new found hope | Reviewer: justin lawson | 4/23/09

you know honestly i didnt know of bob till i moved in with a friend of mine
we had went to a small party and there i was thrown in to a fight
wile i was sitting in the back yard of my friends house he handed me a smoke and started one of bobs songs
b4 the song had ended i felt better i felt the day mellow life seemed a tad brighter

from that day i had started listening to bob on a daily bases
talk about new found hope living in a life i thought was bad and hopeless
bob shown me that no matter what life gives u
u can always add sugar lol

if i had a chance to meat one person it be you bob

thanks for giving the world a ray of light

<one love>

i ♥ BobMarley;; | Reviewer: Dulce | 4/20/09

He is very talented in his music,
i admire him for that .
yes he smoked weed..not good. so what?
he wasnt all about smoking! he liked bringing peace to this world. Dont like him because he was
the "stoner" listen to his music and then you will get the message he was setting for everyone
-->>Peace:) {Dulce}

dont worry..be happy! | Reviewer: Jo :) | 4/20/09

i think everybody on here is stupid for arguing about what bob marley would think. who cares if someone looks up to him b/c he smoked pot? i love his music and the fact that he smoked pot. and im pretty he wouldnt want people arguing about why he is liked. im sure he is just fine with still being remembered. peace bob marely!