BOB man of love | Reviewer: Isaac aderemi | 2/21/10

I not existed wen BOB existed, but I listen to my papa say BOB Man of love and I also try listen all BOB song especially "no woman no cry" and "one love" ! Ohh I wish I was alive when the RASTAFERIAN was singing this songs but since I not meet him, I say "RESPECT" "RESPECT" "RESPECT" to ya werever you at. Gboom Gboom Gboom

Bob Marley ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Asher | 2/1/10

He was the best His songs would just mostly calm you down and make you think of good things he would be truly missed i wish he can continue with new song but the song that we are hearing from him is still the best . I love Bob Marley

One Love | Reviewer: dustin | 1/28/10

Bob Marley has left a lasting impression on my life with his words of peace, love, freedom, and anti-racism. his music will live on forever and will continue to inspire people from all races and all ages.. one love bob!

Tribute | Reviewer: Melissa Vella | 1/22/10

I just watched the tribute dvd 2 Bob Marley yesterday the one with Queen Latifah, Eve, Jimmy Cliff e.t.c on it, loved it hard. Lauryn Hill is currently here in New Zealand 4 Ragga Muffin she is an inspiration of mine as well. Bob was a beautiful man & has a wonderful family.

i love bob marley | Reviewer: chantelle marie | 1/12/10

bob marley is the best shit ever smoke weed every day all day but i think he should off washed his hair more he had 17 diff kinds of lice in his hair ewwww but i still love him xoxoxoxo i love you music rest in peace

rasta man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/09

Bob Marley was one of the best musicians of all time because he was the first Rastafarian superstar. he was like a living legend because he influenced so many people to do so many important things like rebel.

I love him | Reviewer: kimberly | 12/12/09

He was the best His songs would just mostly calm you down and make you think of good things he would be truly missed i wish he can continue with new song but the song that we are hearing from him is still the best . I love Nesta Marley

BEND DOWN LOW | Reviewer: Mrs. Jane Ogueji | 11/21/09

Could the WORLD bend down & be listened to the voice of the son of the higher man?

Bob had six sons, Ziggy, Damian, Stephen, Julian, Ky-many, & Rohan. And in ZIGGY is known to be prophet, glory to JAH the prophet has come {through all these stages}
When my soul was hurtin' deep within,
And I'm worrying to be free, desperately so guide and protect I'n'I, O Jah Jah,
Through all these ages;
Guide and protect I'n'I, O Jah Jah,
Through all these stages. Rastafari is his name BOB. if JAH didn't luv us, he wouldn't have sent to us BOB son of JESUS CHRIST to teaches the world wrong from right.
I give thanks to JAH who make i & i to be path of the family, RASTAFARI.

Mrs. Jane Ogueji

Stabd Up for Your Rights | Reviewer: CaSeptla | 11/18/09

As I found myself in the middle of something I've always seen on TV in the late 60's, I didn't know that the Lord would prepare me for the biggest struggle of my life as a FREEDOM FIGHTER for my son that was a part of the Jena 6. I just kept praying to God and writing letters to someone that I thought would listen. Hey, I beleived in the one thing Bob Marley wrote to STAND UP FOR RIGHTS, GET UP, STAND UP-STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS-that was my biggest motivation-THANKS-Robert Nesta Marley!!!! I love your music today, and I have to watch-No Woman No Cry-every night to go to sleep!! Jah Bless the Marley Family, Love, Peace, and Happiness!! CaSeptla Bailey P.S. I am truly A RASTA fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Bright Morning, When My Work is Over, Man will Fly Away Home | Reviewer: Nathy Ogueji | 11/16/09

Bob was the man JAH send to preach, not only in the world but down to my home town AGULERI. I was just a little boy when my father plays the songs of the preacherman. {Don't worry 'bout a thing, b'cos, every little thing gonna be alright} was the track my father always played, early morning. I'm crying for the death of BOB till today b'cos, i had a dream to meet him alive, but look around a tell me what u see. While, i still have faith to meet the family tomorrow. Marley preaching healed the world. AGULERI, REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA

Craven A'Go choke puppy | Reviewer: Nathy Ogueji | 11/16/09

I have learned a lots from the preacher man {BOB}
right from my childhood, my dad use to sing some of Bob's songs that says. So u just want to chop for ur self alone & u don't think 'bout the other man. If the world could listen to Bob Marley son of Jesus Christ, & luv one another, the wold shall be a better place for u & I. Some times, i said i cry when i see Bob's photos. I told my father that i will like to see Bob's live performance but it was late. But glory be to JAH whom gave ZIGGY & brothers to the Rasta man, i hope to see the children live performance just like there father one bright morning. Aguleri, Republic of Biafra

Bob Marley Is Awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/09

I started listening to Bob Marley when my friend mentioned him to me. I thought what the hell why not ill listen to a few songs. It blew my mind how much energy he put into his music. It always also sent a positive message which is what i think we all need to. Also his songs are so mellow and whenever your stressed it helps you relax. Especially the song three little birds. It's just an awesome song because it puts you in that mood where you really don't worry at all. Which is something we human beings do way to much. Remember "Don't worry" Bob you were the best we well never forget you.

YOUR MUSIC WILL LIVE ON.... | Reviewer: Healani, Maui Hawaii | 11/11/09

Bob Marley has difinately touched many lives with his music...His music will live on, because of what is said. He has alot of positive energy in his songs and spreads nothing but peace and love...Love ya, wish I got to meet ya..."When it hits you feel no pain"....peace

three little birds | Reviewer: aliisha | 11/2/09

bob was one of the greatest singers ever to live.
he is my hero. like no other. i dont care what people think about him. i ador him. his music really inspiers me. and i love it. i sit at home all the time and just listen, and Who cares that he smoked pot. it relieves the mind and the stress. and if it wasnt for it then how would he have wrote all the great songs that he did!! Bob Marley is truly the most amazing person to ever live and this summer im going to Jamaica to his house. and smoke a joint just for him<33. R.I.P my man. we all love and miss you!!

one love | Reviewer: Monikuh E | 11/2/09

people say bad stuff about him but his music is amazing. i feel like he wrote it to me and it has alot of meaning to me, espeacilly the smoking weed part <3 one love forever.
rest in peace . b o b '