never grow old | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/10

hey i'm 17 yo and i listen to bob's music.. i just love it.. he may has gone in another place but i believe he is still whithin his songs and every single time we hear them he lives once more.. BOB.. you'll just never grow old .. and never die..

You Want Believe What You Don't Know.. | Reviewer: Jesse Vantura "not really" But do have a look into some of this ok | 8/7/10

Hi there, I believe Bob Marley was Murdered, why I don't know, but people are Murdered all the time & we never know why? Who control's the news really? what we see on TV, Movies, Newspapers??
just for fun check out on google earth "denver international airport" and Michael Moore documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" Then if your a little hungry for the truth check out jesse ventura conspiracy theory and the Bilderberg Group, Who really owns the world? Like Sky TV, Skynews, The Sun newspaper?

All Cults are bad, the NWO ? KABBALAH ? freemasons ? it's all about control, go's back a long way but it's all the same people.. you know!
Anyway be good and try to have FUN

thank tha lord that bob marley came into this world | Reviewer: maddie | 8/9/10

im am a 14yr old gurl knowing that bob marley had heart in his songs.
because of bob i have loved reggae ever since he came into this world..
to me their is no lyf wifowt his musik...
god gave bob a talent that no one could ever judge but god..
his songs had heart,soul,desire,fantasy and so much more that everybody can be so emotional to his songs.
im maddie and im glad that god sent someone with such talent..
xox maddie

is a good man | Reviewer: celestine | 8/12/10

for me i beleif that our daddy bob was truely send to this world by the almigthyGod him self,to deliver his massages to us which iam happy becouse he does it before going back to GOD,whenever am listening to his music i will allways be on shock,especialy where he said after our love to the white people,hatred is still our reword,and any words that comes out from bobmarley is what we are facing in this world know dont you see that he;s really prophet.bob i will never forget you hoping to meet one day. R.I.P.

Bob marley | Reviewer: kaila | 7/21/10

I think bob marley is a very inspiring person. From what I know, he is a great husband, father, and friend.
I wish he were still alive so that I could tell him thanks for making the world a better place. It is stilla bad world but you made it work. R.I.P

Bob Marley is awesome | Reviewer: Bob Marley fan | 7/17/10

Bob Marley was a GREAT man!!! I am only 13, and my parents were like my age when he was aroung, but I still love his music, and think that he is a great role model with his faith, that quote is sick to!!!!! I love it!!!

jah rastafaria | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/10

our father bob marley was a brave man fighting 4 us,he wanted 2 see us living in peace world,whites were killing us, making us their slaves bt bob release us 4rom being slaves,he then go back 2 unites blacks and white people so how can u hate person lyk lords'son bob marley we will always miss u bob but we are bringing memories by listning 2 ur gr8t hits R.I.P father bob marley 4rm sakhile masango at south africa

Bob's spirit coming through!!!! | Reviewer: Robin | 7/13/10

I'm almost 50 yrs old and was introduced to Bob in the late 70's. Loved him then and LOVE him even more now!!! I have suffered too many losses of quite a number of my very close family members and Bob has helped through the tragedies... My oldest brother, Rick(who introduced me to Bob. Rick passed away very tragically several yrs ago and I recently suffered the loss of my precious Mother, Rose (who without knowing Bob's music exemplified his messages of Love for ALL and unbelievableable faith and humbleness). I COULD FEEL MY BROTHER SENDING ME A MSG FROM BEYOND(Zion perhalps)AS I WAS IN A DEEP STATE OF GRIEF over my Momma, TO LISTEN TO "NO WOMAN NO CRY". While I watched the Live 1976 version as soon as Bob sings "Hey little sister don't shed no tears" Bob steps back and the camera focused on the guitar player and I was ELATED when I saw my name on the guitar players T-shirt! THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY HEART THAT THIS WAS A MSG. FROM MY BELOVED BROTHER TO COMFORT ME IN MY DEEP GRIEF! I know that all my family is together with JAH and I'm so happy for them... I cannot describe the pain of loss that is mine but all day, everyday Bob's music and inspiration helps me to get through each day... And JAH is always there for me and I recieve sooo much comfort from both! Thank you JAH! Thank you Bob and Thank you Rick! I recently had to leave a highly professional 30 year career due the overwhelming depression and grief but I just want to mention that I have used the PRECIOUS GIFT of Cannibis since I was 13 yrs old and this gift has never interfered with my education, health or career. I've been honored with countless awards and recognition for performance that was never less that WAY ABOVE & BEYOND expectation! Cannibis has been a life saver and I will puff till the day I fly away home! But as the purpose of this posting goes I just wanted to share my profound experience and have no doubt that my beloved brother communicated this precious msg. to me at a time that I felt that I could just cease to exist and it would be better than the pain have been enduring! Thanks for reading this and BELIEVE!!! What gifts and blessings we've been given!!! I strongly believe that we find what we seek, and we truly reap what we sow...Bob's inspiration...If the world could embrace it the outcome would be an unbelievably beautiful world as provided and intended by JAH! I know this posting is lengthy so Thanks again for caring and reading...JAH BLESS

One Of The Greatest | Reviewer: George Zamora | 7/12/10

Man Bob Marley is simply a Legend. Hes not dead just because hes gone, hes livin with all the music that still plays till this day... I'm only 16 and I jam to this musician we call A Once In A Lifetime Person
R.I.P Bob Marley
I'm Jammin, Hope You Like Jammin Too

King of Reggae | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/10

No one will truly know how great a man Bob Marley was. I grew up listening to his music and at age 45 still listen to him often. He was a humble man who had strong thoughts on many subjects. If more people listened to his music and ideas we wouldn't have so much racial problems in the world.
Paul Turnham
South Africa

JB | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/10

a true messanger of rasta,spread rasta as you would spread love.bob was not all about the weed but used to meditate and evaluate the point of where you are and want to be in your life,take note of whats going on in this crazy world."so much trouble in the world,war in the east, war in the west ,war up north,war down south everywhere is war"


quotes | Reviewer: raheel | 6/29/10

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!

The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.

Bob Marley isn't my name. I don't even know my name yet. -

I don't stand for the black man's side, I don' t stand for the white man's side.I stand for God's

Me only have one ambition, y'know. I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to see mankind live together - black, white, Chinese, everyone - that's all.

donĀ“t forget your history nor your destiny.

legend | Reviewer: kendall Jagdeosingh | 6/11/10

bob died on 11th of may 1981 and i born on 30th of may 1986 so i i never got to here him live or see him but he said he will sound like ah fool when he said his music will live on and indeed it did live in and will continue to live on i think he is one of if not D GREATEST musician that ever lived and his music helps me in my everyday life thank u bob for all your loving memories

May Jah bless you Bob | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/10

Robert Nesta Marley was not only the best musician to ever walk this earth, but also one of the greatest humanitarians of our time. His messages were so clear and evident. Peace needed to fufill this earth. I know if Bob was blessed to have lived a longer time, the world would be a better place indeed. Bob shall you ever rest in peace. I am visiting your grave this summer to be inducted to the rastafari church and I will most definately smoke a fat ass stoagie for your rememberance. Love you dearly Mr. Marley!

<3 | Reviewer: crystal | 6/6/10

I love Bob Marley. He has made a big impact on my life. Although I was not around when he was, He still will always be in my heart. He inspired me and told me it's okay to smoke the herb..because it reveals your self ;) I love this. Goodbye, peace lovers.