Bob Marley,my idol | Reviewer: Henry | 2/28/11

Bob Marley is not just a music legend or the king of reggae music,he is far greater than that.To me,Bob is god of music.No artiste can be compared to him not even MJ,Elvis Presley,James Brown or Frank Sinetra.If he had lived longer,this world would have become a better place.R.I.P will forever live in our hearts

MY ROLE MODEL | Reviewer: FAZILA | 2/16/11

bob marley is a legend and from my view he is the greatest man that walked this planet; he is my role model and always will be!!! he knew the exact meaning of life which i admire! R.I.P ROBERT NESTA MARLEY

Bob'Marley <3 ! | Reviewer: Tyteanna Daniels (: | 2/14/11

- Honestly I Thinkk That Bob Marley Will Always Be Ahh Popular #Trendinq'Topic (: Like Bob Marley Is Popularr , I Meann I'm Only Fourteen ! && Everybody Has Atleast Somethinq To Represent Bob Marley ! iMeann I Lookk Upp To Bob Marley & Always Will <3 .

Bob Marley Live | Reviewer: Stello | 2/6/11

The man born in 1945 died in 1981 at the age of 36 years. what can u tell from this , this man live like the prophets of old. though he died young he lived a happy life, he has a moral and virtue what about us? he has left a message for us, a message to unite ; politically , socially and economically as afriikans.

i share birthday with him, today is our day, YHWH has bless this day, i wish everybody born on the 6th of Feb. a happy birthday, may God (YHWH) be with u all, AMEN.

the man of the posterity | Reviewer: marcus zvirahwa | 1/31/11

bob Marley is the only one when we talk of music.he is the first and might as well be the last.his life tho short lived,was full of wisdom.he touches every aspect of our everyday life.hence bob is the greatest of the greatest musical legends.he inspired me to pass my "A"level exams.he gave me the courage, strength and vision about my this exodus we need to get up and stand up for our rights bcoz every man has the right to decide his own destiny.

My Idol<33 | Reviewer: Alexa Enriquez | 1/30/11

bob marley you are my idol! you opened my eyes, and i realized dat war is not the solution to anythin. many say you are gone and y even care but man u are amazing and u will always be alive as long as ur songs are played! REST IN PEACE, Robert Nesta Marley!<33

my love for u BOB | Reviewer: bismark diord | 1/28/11

Hello,im bismark from Ghana.i think BOB was killed by so called politicians,yes we know, cose them heart is full of evil,how i wish Bob Marley live's, our freedom's would have been increase by now,but i know that the good Lord JAH... RASTAFARI would place him above and his name will remain forever and his music continiue to be the best of all music's,ohhh u are gone b4 i was born but i know u BOB MARLEY.RnP

bob marley | Reviewer: alexis h | 1/24/11

i believe bob marley is the greatest man to live and walk on earth. i believe he would honestly save our world and bring peace to mankind. he was always wise with his words, and he always went for mainly one goal in his life and that is simply peace.

what would the world be if we did not have bob marley | Reviewer: gabe laplant | 1/3/11

i mean come on what would we do without bob his music was just so good and he was just the best jamaican singer in the world i wish he was still here today to give us even more inspiration thank you bob for every thing that you have done to make music so good R.I.P BOB MARLEY

RAGGAE MASTER ; | Reviewer: Lenna | 11/10/10

the biqqest inspiration of my life still lives on ! he has taken many dissapointments to his qrave but nothinq beats the fact that he died with PRIDE ! even though he died at a young age he has accomplished alot . His songs have gotten though many many people & his accomplishments . love you BOB MARLEY , you have opened my eyes to much more than reggae but love ; (=

One sets its soul in The body they want let bob marley set in my body | Reviewer: Susan gonzález | 11/1/10

The King of reggea. I would describe him a as a dream chaser not a dream follower he has sang with true meaning every song he makes seams to have an inspiration on someone ; his Songs help uncover some of political truths

Although he gone way, his memories still in my mind" | Reviewer: Aquilino Amaral | 10/22/10

Eventhough Bob Marley gone forever, I did not forget his strong song in deeper heart, and remind all politician in Africa and America to reflect. I however sometime record his lyrics and try to follow. so for me even disappear, I still remember him. May God gives good rest place for his soul.

How i wished u were alive | Reviewer: Oluwaseyifunmi Timon | 9/23/10

I'm just 28yr old.i wasnt given birth to when he was blasting the world with reggae musik.frankly speaking,his musik inspires me.i cry for you everyday i listen to your's a pity i didnt meet you when u were alive.may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace"KING OF RAGGAE MUSIC"no one can take your space.i wouldnt for other fallen Hero"MJ"u guys are exceptional.

Long Live A True Hero Nation Wide; Bob Marley! | Reviewer: Chino Guerrero | 9/5/10

Man he might of passed away about 3 decades ago but this brilliant man will never leave this earth without someone some where jammin his music Loud & Proud, and to be honest I'm one of those who jams it Loud & Proud. I just have to listen to his delightful words. Their isn't a single day where I don't listen to his words of wisdom. LONG LIVE BOB MARLEY... May you Rest In Peace in the great heavens above us!

Pure love | Reviewer: | 9/3/10

when I was 18 years old God brought this person in my life who shared the same b-day as Bob Marley. This person was a huge fan of Bob Marley. I found Bob Marley through him and Loved both of them since then. My friend has lots of good qualities like Bob Marley. It seems like he has to struggle alot before he reaches the stars just like Bob Marley, everyone please pray to God for Bob Marley that his soul rests in peace and also that my friend achieves what he is trying to get and doesn't give up untill he gets it. I really wish Bob Marley is in heaven for all his heart touching beautiful work that has influenced people to be kind, love one another and Praise God. I also wish God brings years and years of success, happiness, love and praise for God in my friend's life. I also have not seen my friend for the last four years and I really miss him alot. Everyone please pray that I see him soon. Miss you D:)