Forever loving | Reviewer: Teresa | 6/30/11

I couldnt even put in words how Bob Has touched my heart and soul, everything about him was AMAZING and he left this world as a LEGEND A KING but he didnt leave completly...Becouse Ziggy Marley. One love Bob Marley Forever

LOVE ♥ | Reviewer: bobz fan | 6/21/11

okay welol bob marley is a true inspration to me.he has help me get through hard times and helped me clear my mind of things that are going on!!
i would like to say that though he was so awsome i copied him in everyway including drugs

Legend | Reviewer: Brandt Hardin | 6/6/11

Bob Marley has influenced the entire world with his music, which will live on to be rediscovered by more and more generations to come. His work has affected my life and my art so much. I paid tribute to him with a surreal and psychedelic portrait inspired by his words. You can see it on my artist’s blog at

the greatest musician who ever and will ever live. | Reviewer: kwadwo addai | 5/17/11

your life story is one worth emulating - you rose from zero to hero. No one has an idea of your influence on my life. My greatest moment in life would have been a handshake and a photo snap with you. I wonder why you never visited Ghana, the greatest black nation. Your name will forever live on.

jah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/11

bob marley is my hero, he must hear the same thing in heaven everyday and it must get old to him but he is truly amazing, all i am saying is that if i had the chance to meet anyone or go back in time it would be him or with him in his time, i love you. i truly do bob marley

greatness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/11

i listen to his music often , i love it, although this was way before my time, i still enjoy his music... the whole family, just through the stories that i've read about him he seems to have been a good man that has done great deeds, truly he will be missed we need more like him in this lifetime....

Bob The Legend | Reviewer: micah c mukanganwa | 5/5/11

Bob Marley deserve to be called "LEGEND". His songs to me are just like salt. No one on earth can live without salt, very "USEFUL". It seems as if he is still living because his lyrics always make me refrain from doing evil things rather than LOVING. I STILL LOVE HIM even though he is dead, and i honor him for respecting our first independence day when ZIMBABWE was born he was there. MAY HIS GOOD SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE...LEGEND "BM"

my inspiration | Reviewer: nae420 | 5/4/11

there are no words to describe you, Bob Marley. you are my hero, i look up to you and every song you have sang, every quote you have said, everything you do inspires me. YOU are what the world should be about. not violence and hatred. you are truly my hero and i would do anything to go back in time to see one of your concerts. i love you Bob Marley. even though your not here anymore, you will always be in my heart.

HE WILL LIVE ON FOREVER<3 | Reviewer: Christina keith :) | 5/1/11

not only did Bob Marley Revolutionize reggae music, he become a voice for people around the world. He changed peoples perspective of everyday life. He taught people to love instead of hate. I love Bob Marley, he was one hell of a man!

and one amazing person to look up to!
his music will live on forever,
rest in peace BOB MARLEY<3

King | Reviewer: Saliyma Whiting Queen | 4/30/11

Bob Marley is one of my great strong king's. I really was not into him until i listened to his son Damian (Jr.Gong)Marley music. Jr.Gong is a very talented artist I love his album with Nas "Distant Realitives". I read about Bob and listened to his music and watched all his video's. Everytime I think I wish Bob was still here. I stop and remember that he lives on forever through Jr.Gong and Ziggy Marley because Bob is and will always be a legendary king.

The Facts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/11

A nice piece, However, shouldn't the author researched THE FACTS and stae these more carefully?

He was actually born Nesta Robert Marley and later changed his name to Robert Nesta Marley (Known as Bob Marley).

His Mothers' name was Cedella NOT Cedalla.

I could go on but surely that's the authors' job.
If we are going to post articles like this it is important to state the true FACTS and quote sources, this is how history gets distorted.

Eternal Peace Berhane Selassie.


Bob Marley <3 ! | Reviewer: Tyteanna Daniels (: | 4/15/11

- *Hmm* iThinkk That Bob Marley Is Awesome ,, && He Is Like A Hot #TrendinqTopic (: He Is Amazinq , && Has Like Some Really Good Quotes ! iThink That Bob Marley Is A Good Person , && His Quotes Are Amazin ,, BOB MARLEY ILY (: && I'm Your Biqqest Fan .. Everybody Think That Bob Marley Is A Bad Influence . Not Me ! iThink He's Cool&& He Always Will Be .*

- Tyteanna Daniels (:
Bob Marley's Biqqest Fan <3 !

Tell Me About Your Life | Reviewer: Natalie Montenegro | 4/2/11

How was life for you when you got fame and loved by million of fans? Did you like the fame you started getting? Why didnt Leslie Kong give you your pay? How many kids did you have? Did you excpect of getting this far in music?

Tribute to Bob " SURVIVAL, JAH !!! RASTAFARI" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/11

Bob Is a personal hero to me along with my eldest brother who has since passed on, they have been a major influence and both will be forever missed. Bob your music has touched my life and the hearts of many-----GUIDANCE----

dream giver | Reviewer: billy | 2/27/11

Bob Marley is a fantastic person. He inspires me in many ways. He gives me faith,hope, and energy to be a better person. I'm doin an english project on his song "Three Little Birds". He may not be with us but his legacy lives on.