The Legend | Reviewer: Eric Elias | 3/15/13

I'm sure you realize this but if you think that bob marley smoking weed made him a bad person than you can go ahead and die too.... if you don't wanna die do some research to prove to yourself how ignorant you are for believing wed is a unforgivable drug... Rest in peace Bob Marley.. your a legend

Bob Marley | Reviewer: Sky | 2/19/13

Bob Marley Should Be An Inspiration To All . Young And Old. Marley Was All About Love And Peace. That's Why People Should Remember Him. Not Because Of His Other Activites . Love . Peace . Happiness . Bless You . Robert Nesta Marley :) <3

love bob marley songs! | Reviewer: orianna john | 2/14/13

bob marley is the bomb because he really rocks. i really love his song. haha mostly every after school i listen his song lol! LOVE YOU BOB MARLEY!!!! Wish you were still alive so i can get an art of graph from you!

Future seener | Reviewer: Kennedy emetomo | 2/6/13

Bob marley is a man with wisdom who advice people with his music,just like philosophy who see the future and how the future will been.all want he say in his music is want happen today that is why i called he future seener

Truth Contest | Reviewer: Smiles 4miles | 1/20/13

"People waste their life contemplating the words of old inspired prophets instead of updating, defining and spreading the truth and the life"
-From The Present, a free book at
If you are seeking a new and different explanation of the truth that makes sense, search for "Truth Contest" in Google and click the 1st result, then click on "The Present" and read what it says. This is truth you can check.

The prophet | Reviewer: Zechariah suwamu | 1/19/13

Bob his a prophet, because the bible said if you receive the masage of prophet because he is prophet you have a reward of prophet, and the duties of prophet it's to leave a good masage and then bob leave good masage for all people. MAIDUGURI NIGERIA

bad habit give us a chance to famous | Reviewer: ashvin | 1/7/13

yar jo bhi tune kiya tarif k kabil according to me you are the king of smak love u aacha kam karne se nam to hota he par use sirf famous log hi jaan pate h par tere jaisa kam muje pasand he ganda karo sab janege

Legends | Reviewer: Rhann | 12/26/12

It's amazing how far Reggae music has come. To even be acknowledge in the it's humble beginnings with one of the living legends Jimmy Cliff. I could imagine if only Bob was still alive, what a combo would that be. Jimmy & Bob side by side live in concert and through their collective sound united in Reggae music. Two of the best that ever done it. On the same token I pay homage to all the Reggae Artists that been there, done that. Not to mention the up and coming that has to start from nothing to greatness. Legends of Reggae full stop.

Slogans | Reviewer: Asante Augustine | 12/13/12

Any time i hear bob's music i become so happy so satisfied and say when is this world going to have such a person again and becomes so sad but always remember that he said in one of his music that when my work is over i will fly away home and also said everyday the bucket go the well but one day the buttom will drop out.bob this world hope to see u some day

Bob Marleys life man | Reviewer: Angelina Hernandez | 11/8/12

its great how he thinks about others in ways i wish i could have seen him in his glory he was and is a great inspiration to teens and adults till thise day and will be for a long time no matter wht he is boss man

3 little birds | Reviewer: Rachel Alsop | 10/22/12

Me and my mom would sing the song 3 little birds every time it would play on the radio or on my moms phone it was just one of the few things me and my mom would do in the car. My brothers would yell and tell us to stop singing. But no matter where i go, what i do, who im with, bob marley is always playing ~Its like robert nesta marley never died<3

ganja in my brain | Reviewer: abdul sibhan | 10/3/12

i think no singer is like hat marley,and his all the songs will touch to our heart and myines favourite song is ganja in my brain when i listen that song i will reach out of the world .....i miss u marley

Musical prophet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/12

What I loved to say is bob is not just musician but he is really a prophet of music. His song like redemption song, no woman no cry, one love, get up stand up, natural mistake ... Are really Chang the world ! Bob thx for that my soul always follow ur song!! Tewodrss tadesse Ethiopian

I am inspired by his will for change | Reviewer: Clemdon Baird | 9/26/12

The thing about bob, is that he inspires greatness. He inspires me to ensure that I change what's within me first and automatically! I will be more than I was and not be less than I am.
And the thing about your music is that it hits every time! Love!

Bob ur d king ov d life and king never ever go back... nd look back.. | Reviewer: Ayush kumar | 9/24/12

Bob whenever i saw ur pic on anybody tees i ws felt... wht did he didnt know abt u... but whn i read ur ultimate quotes i become ur big fan... nd i promise u ur music always alive.... i like ur dis quote.... music gives pain bt it does not hurt.. bob marely.. thnx....