Time will tells | Reviewer: Sexy Rastaman | 8/29/12

Bob marley was a man whose music gives me wisdom,knowledge and understand what is good and bad.His music makes me feels happy when I'm sad,lonely and worried.MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE AND MAY JAH BE WITH YOU TILL WE MEET AGAIN IN ZION.JAH!!! RASTAFARIA.

Great is He who bring Good news. Bob | Reviewer: Munyaradzi Naison | 8/3/12

Bob is a great prophet of the rasta people most importantly his words of unity among Africans. Peace. Freedom . I wish to praise his work. My Question is ' is Bob's soul in heaven or hell. Considering the herbs he smoked and the great womeniser he was ?

For the love of Bob!! | Reviewer: John | 7/22/12

A more or less accurate description of Bob. However the authors should have done a better job with the grammer and spelling. Bob would have accepted no less. Come on boys, do your father proud!!
One love.

ride natty ride. osa nath | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/12

bob is in africa.is future is in green part of the earth. this is not a joke.E.G.keep on moving track(i have two boys and a woman but jah forgive me for not going back but i will be there any how.to fulfil hosea 1 vs 6. bob music is spiritual. end-time is near. third wolrld war is near. the world would soon be over.

Nesta marley is a legend | Reviewer: Lapizzy babypac ahmed | 6/19/12

Bob marley is a legend.even we africa people no dat.all things marley says is truly real.. he talks about wat world leadership wat there doing dat is not really good..he says dat weader u come africa,america,asian,european,australia...we are all one..there should stop interogating one another we are all one...we should knew dat one people difference teritorry..no matter from no matter which language u speak,no matter which religion u belong we are one in heavy..he says dat we should stop make an error word one another we are the same mother n'd father we should forget about creativity or culture we doing we are all one we need to dat people..!!!

love u always bob.... | Reviewer: Pranshu.Devaiah | 6/7/12

god father of mine.... love u loads... i love your music..... your the king of awesome music... I have been a long time listener of your music... always remember u... i wish i meet u alive... miss u bob may your soul RIP.....

Africa Unit | Reviewer: Garito Cledanor | 5/28/12

I was a fan of Bob Marley on my young age in Haiti probably when I was 13 years old. I liked his faith,his honesty,his vision to see people live as real humains. Love,peace,be a survivor in a struggle life,fighting for the humans to choose their own desttiny,sharing with the weakness and so much more took part of his music.Having his wife and others women took part of his band was really great and the guys of the wailers band found a way to play his music with him so smood,cool,fresh,sweet on ears. He may died but his music will always be alive on our hearts.

idk | Reviewer: Kailee A. | 5/17/12

ur amazing bob u inspired me im currently writing a report about you because ur amazing i wish you were alive so i could meet you I am only 12 and my one wish has always been to meet you!

What a great reggae exponent i wish to perform with,only when i realized he died b4 i was born | Reviewer: Snr.Okpotexs EBEBE | 5/13/12

One luv,this rylic wil forever cultivate unity b/w two,among people and musicians.even within my generation,i have experienced the power of this rylic.Besides,i wished to perform this rylic with U,but only to realized u had passed on b4 i was been born!Tata BobMARLEY & may 'ur soul rest in Jah's heart.Amen.

the musician i wish 2 eva meet. | Reviewer: agada agada adah | 5/9/12

adah 4rm nigeria. Bob marley, how i wish i meet u alive. You could have been my mentor but not withstanding, your memory ever lives to inspire the young once and the work of the holy harb will continue in the world. Bob till we meet again. Bye bye from d surface of the earth.

R.I.P. | Reviewer: TokinTHC | 4/30/12

Bob Marley is greatly missed. We love you Bob may you rest in peace, and may your music forever continue to inspire generations for years to come. "One good thing about music when it hits you you feel no pain"

prolongings | Reviewer: Adamu Iliya kamburo. | 4/18/12

I Adamu kamburo, bob music is my best musician that i am frequently listening to his music because of his regae lirics, i am from Nigeria, i must fulfield my dream to become regae musician, by all means by the grace of God amen.

bob marley | Reviewer: drew | 4/15/12

I love you bob. I have been a long time listener. Im writing an essay about you right now. loved what you did. wish i could have met you. also enjoy how you also enjoyed dat herb.

Tinkigamba@gmail.com | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/12

Your a beast bob your insperational. I watched the movie "I AM LEGEND" theres no hope left the he plays your music thats when i started listening and ever since i cant get stop listening to your music. Wish u were still alive

Bob ur great hero for black around the world | Reviewer: Elly Mawala | 3/28/12

Bob i cherish u in ma heart coz ure song really awake the sleeping mind like some words of one of ur song " liberate ur self form mentally slavery none but ourself can free our mind", i luv u BOb n' i'll listern ur songs ever.