1 of thee greatest | Reviewer: Jennie | 6/2/10

I have Always been a fan of his, and although i was only a baby when he died. His message and lyrics were very brave and uplifting during these times and only wished there were more like him. Would love to smoke an ell with him!! His message is true and we must not allow ourself to continue to be brain washed and not allow the poisons in the foods to brake down our mentals-stay away from the meat!!!

smokin weed smokin weed!!! | Reviewer: fancy | 5/25/10

i love everything about bob marley.. if he was still alive when i was born i would of dated him!!! i mean look at his hair it was amazing.. and we could sit and smoke weed and try to bake babies.. RIP HOT STUFF I WILL MISS YOU...<3
Fancy Vele01

jesus eats cheesewiz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/10

bob was the coolist pot head of his time he could smoke a pound in a single bound and not cough he didnt smoke no shitty chinas either because he only had the high grade kush and now him and jesus smoke blunts and eat cheeswiz on toast all day:)

Best ever | Reviewer: patrick | 5/14/10

I think it's too bad that many people equate Bob Marley with smoking weed. Obviously that was part of his life but he should be remembered for being one of the greatest musicians who ever lived. When I listen to his music I hear all the passion he had for equality in the world and for standing up for his beliefs. If you agree with his point of view or not it doesn't matter. Music today is made only to sell records. He made music and wrote songs to fight for injustice. The DVD LIVE is the most amazing performance I've ever seen.

His spirit lives on | Reviewer: Nwokedi christopher | 5/2/10

I did not see him cos i was not born by then . But his music made me to know that he was a good man,but i do'nt like his ganga smoking.No wonder he died very young. My people shun from ganga or you die young.I am from NIGERIA

Wail On | Reviewer: Chang | 4/17/10

Each of you that i read have wonderful, personal interpretation of what Bob means to you. To me Tuff Gong stands for everything that is good and should be good about the world we live in. His words and music uplift my sole at the worst of times and fill me with optimism and inspiration no matter the circumstance.
Rest well Bob, your message and your music will endure for generations to come.
Sent from LaSalle Ontario Canada

peace and luvv | Reviewer: ana | 4/9/10

haha .. i dont really now much about mr.marley but i do no that he wuz and will allways be in our hearts ..although we truly miss him he will allways be a living legond .. i love u bob marley .forever

bob marley | Reviewer: destiny | 4/9/10

damn when i listen to bob sing i start to think about all the good things that i do in my life i also belive in smoking weed all because of bob marley he was the one that inspired me to start to smoke!! R.I.P BOB MARLEY you will forever be missed.

greatest of all | Reviewer: nesta | 3/26/10

i was born a year before and day before he died 12 may 1980.never got the chance to see him.im nesta by the way.he inspires me soooooo much that i have to cry listening to his lyrics.i dearly love u.may ur soul rest in perfect peace.one love bob

down to earth | Reviewer: mariah | 3/26/10

bob marley in ways had alot of problems but he learned from his ways not to stress over them and to be chill about it all. it seems alot of people has learned from him as well. me for example ive learned to just let things go and listen to the ones you wouldnt think deserved to be listened to. my life in general. lol you did great bobo! :)mariah

JAH BLESS BOB | Reviewer: Kristen Scherrer | 3/17/10

There is so much to say about THE legend, there's not enough space to say all I need to say. Robert Marley was an inspiration. If only he was alive today, the world would be saved. All we need is PEACE and if the world would listen that task could be completed. If Bob was alive he surly would make a difference. It hurts to say but, man will destroy man. There's no way out, we've dug a deep dark hole now it's time to fall.

bob is the boss | Reviewer: sharema | 3/16/10

Bob is a very intelligent young man and to the rfact that he speaks about marijuana is good because lots of artistes is afraid to speak out about this issue so far i think exodus is the best album so far bob has done in his life span rest in peace .Selah

Traiblazer | Reviewer: Francesco | 3/7/10

I was a kid of the 60's and remember growing in PR with such bands like Liquid Sound a Virgin Islands Calipso Band and Islands music, but to me, Bob inspired the social music of the era. Not like Rap where the few, not all, talk about diminshing woman and their criminal exploits, with their barrowed rhytms...That, I miss from this Man. Honest and unable to forget his roots. Taken from us by the evil of Cancer. The poet of the opressed. Who even now, if not rich, the secret society of the super wealthy abuses, enslave and murder, to control the world for their benefit...

i love you bob marley | Reviewer: delanna brock-MURRAY | 2/24/10

sup people my name is delanna i am a high schooler and i am in love with bob marley i thought that i was going to marry him but i think he is now a coolest person in the world any who Bob marley had to R.I.P. now

jah bless Bob | Reviewer: kyle | 2/23/10

I never really knew Bob becuse I was never able to ear his music but now that I have I know he was a legand and I believe if every would hear his music the world would be a better place. Thank Jah for bringing Bob to earth to play his beutiful music. Rest in peace Bob.