Mr. Chatterbox:: A Cautionary Tale | Reviewer: Koffee T. | 12/11/12

I am a fan of this song from way back... it's the story of a talebearer: someone who talks too much and is prone to stir up trouble wherever he goes. He's being warned here that his mouth may "write a check his butt can't cash".


Bob actually says teeth instead of cheek | Reviewer: RJ | 6/7/10

Listen very carefully and you will understand, although it is hard to, because Bob speaks in heavy Jamican Patois. If you listen with some headphones you will understand better.

"Mr. Chatterbox you are a big disgrace
your teeth and your tounge are gonna let you down."

In the second verse you can clearly hear when he repeats teeth and tounge three times. them both having the same sounding T letter.