love, peace and hormoney | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/14

fussing and figting... Because of evils work. Lord of lords says the wicked will parish in vanity. All man are born equally and the is one king. throw the univers...

So right and emotioned. | Reviewer: Kasia | 11/5/07

When I hear this song it hurts inside and I can't stop crying.....
Where is the love, peace and harmony in this world today?
Why is it so hard to make a differance and make peace between cultures?????
It's so depressing with all this racism and hate!!!

Bob Marley is the LEADER for love, peace and harmony -his songs will never die and will survive from generation to generation from those who keep fighting against war, racism and greedence.

We should all be like he was and the world would be a better place to live!

congrats | Reviewer: peter | 9/25/07

dude whoever wrote that last comment should be proud of themselves for opening up to what the world is today and really connecting with the powerful lyrics in such a way to understand them as more than just stoner lyrics. u really sound like u got the view of the world as bob marley did man and thats a small start to his dream being lived out by his fans. peace out man

No words could be more true... | Reviewer: Big J | 3/24/07

Many people are familiar with the Bob Marley and Wailers song, One Love. They both have the same meaning, but this one is much more emotional. Just listening to this song you can feel the power, sympathy, and anger that flows from his mouth for all of man to hear. He truly knew what the perfect world would be because he recognized the evil that surrounds us today. It has since the first man stepped out of Africa and it will continue until the last man takes his final breath. Everything may not get better, but with music like Bob Marleys, we can keep our eyes open and aware of what mankind has done to eachother, so we can change ourselves inside. Only then will his dream be fullfilled. "Why's this fussing and a fighting? I wanna know, Lord, I wanna know! We should really love each other, In peace and harmony." - R.I.P. Bob Marley (His music will live on through the ages and survive time itself.)