bring the truth to all.... | Reviewer: acooke33 | 7/20/14

He was shot the day before a huge political concert he was supposed to give. Both white candidates were asking for his support and both would be present at the concert. They thought it convenient to try and kill him the night before the concert. With a bandaged arm Marley took the stage and united both candidates hand in hand in front of the crowd as Ambush in the night played in the background. Bob marleys words and music are an inspiration to all who listen. The music indusrty is now careful not produce such a powerful positve voice....

focus | Reviewer: baity ba | 12/13/13

a shooting was planned and they got bob in his elbow while his wife was in the kitchen meanwhile he discussed with don tailor his manager.ambush in the night focused on this plan of eliminating him,because both power and opponents hoped that bob was with them.but fortunately for him he was a rasta and said:doubling in politics i don't know what that is,i'm a rasta i fight from every angle to help my people to be free by knowing that the devilish came to teach us the wrong way the untruth...listen to his interview when he went to spain for the first time.take it easy dear rastas and fans

The truth | Reviewer: the truth | 7/16/13

he was shot in the kitchen of his house with 4 people him his wife don taylor and i cant think of the fourth ,,don taylor was shot bob was shot in the arm and and a bullet grazed his cheats

About The song | Reviewer: selma | 6/22/13

When B.M. was shot down he was considered a really dangerous figure for USA political and economical interest in Central America. As USA policy during the almost last 70 years has been focuses in spread capitalism trough the world and its way of life B.M. as other great resistant like Che Guevara were tried to be killed by CIA. CIA trained and financed army to their interest either maintaining one government or fighting against. In other B.M. song he said. "Rasta don't work for no, C.I.A" the song it's RAT RACE. So this episode was the interest of USA to maintain their economical imperialism system in the region. (Please a just talk about USA politician not citizens)

Is it tru that bob really got shot | Reviewer: James | 2/13/13

Yes it is tru that bobmarley was shot exactly how i can't tell the details but wath i heard that he was shot in his house or something if it was a hotel i don't know.That's the first time i hear it i don't know.Wath i also heard that itwas during political struggles in jamaica or some thing i saw it once in a documentary or something you have to check wikipage or something.For exact details.

fighting for the rights of jah pple | Reviewer: kelvin Tom nengo | 10/26/12

it iz a fact that bob robert nesta marley was a human right activits who fought for the right of the pple. Thro' ambush in the night the politicians took us as puppets where they manupulate n control us thus distablizin our peace turnin us into enemies of ourselves while they strugle for power to rule us. Bob n his wife were attackd at their home with nine bullets aiming at me '*bob*' bt thro Gods grace one hit him at the elbow. He survived the ambush......

My understanding of Ambush in the Night Lyrics. | Reviewer: Godwin Buwa | 5/15/12

It was a ridicule of the western system that oppressed the blacks at that time and continue to do so now.
"look at them fighting for control. But they are oblivious of the times. They use material wealth and technological advantage to lure and subdue us. They think because they have it, we are nothing but subjects of control. They say our knowledge is limited to what they teach us and that we are so ignorant without them simply because, they can do what they want with us. And through their political means of control and manipulation, they impoverish us and deny us our necessaries. In the struggle to make ends meet, they play brother against another into enmity. They do not want black harmony.
Its a surprise attack on our being and wisdom. The wise of us who understand their ploy become a target for elimination. They have killed and shot at some of them but we find protection from the hands of God, the most high.
The fact is, we are not ignorant a minute. we actually know more than what they claim to teach us. They are no where near the levels of our knowledge. However amidst all these manipulations and by the power of God, we keep on coming against the odds and surviving against their will, to their annoyance. This surprise attack on us has been planned by those who have power to control society (the wealthy, the rich, the powerful and the awesome). It is designed to silence the wise and the prudent among us. Money is being used to bribe many against their own. Its a design by those who are drunk with the quest for control.

Little about ambush to bob marley | Reviewer: Adrian mageni | 1/24/12

I think through bob marley's philosophy a lot of people especially those from third world as they used to call us, we gone free and educated by those songs thatswhy babylon look bob marley with the bad soul and frame the ambush to kill him. But freedom will come in our way one day.

We love you Bob | Reviewer: David | 1/15/11

Bob was ambushed in his Hotel with his wife, where they shot at him 9 times, only one bullet grazed his elbow or around there I believe. He survived of course.


See the fools ego's fight for power over eachother!
But if they only knew that the hour of their redemption could be at hand!
So they bribe us with their money and spare parts (technology and such)
Trying to undermine our God Given reasoning power.

The wise say that only what the many know is what they teach us.
They say we are ignorant in our darkness.
Because through manipulation of political and social acts they keep us satisfied.
But when will we really drink from the well of wisdom?
Our very brothers turn out to be our enemies.

In our ignorance (night) they ambush our consciousness'.
All societies guns of bad habits are pointed at me.
While we sit in darkness they ambush our rights.
But within the strength of the Lord I find my protection.

Well what we TRULY know,
Is not what the many teach us!
We are not truly ignorant!
And the fools just cannot touch our true Self!
Through the power of the Almighty Father
We wise keep on surfacing out of the darkness.
We keep on surviving this mental slaughterhouse

Yeaaahhhaa, Ambush us in our ignorance!
They are trying to conquer my mind
A trick attack in the night of our delusion
Planned by the rich and heartless.

Jah is Mighty
One Love
One God
One Heart

Is it true? | Reviewer: revocatus | 9/5/07

is it true that Bob Marley Had faced such ambush, or its just a song to give massege to the people?