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Performed by Bob Dylan

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?? | Reviewer: Kholdstare | 8/23/10

I can't believe you people are debating some of the most straightforward and obviously lyrics ever. You're all stupid and under-educated... but look on the bright side, you're all part of Dylan's target audience!

Great song. oh and props to "John" for ripping off a Rorschach quote from Watchmen with no citation whatsoever... Fuckin' plebians.

awesome song | Reviewer: blackheart | 7/30/10

I beg to differ. This song doesn't sound like it's telling how things are changing and all that new generation, old generation thing is going on...
This song just displays desperation on the singer's side... maybe something he couldn't hold on to... or something of that sort... it's mostly a sad song and not a "song of change" as most of you are thinking....
well, that's just what I think, though. doesn't change the awesome-ity of the song :)

DEAR CHRIS | Reviewer: Roks | 7/28/10

Your review has one big conception and ideological mistake. You cannot judge Bob dylan because he is not speaking the universal truth, the way to appreciate Dylan's lyrics is to understand the context on wich they were written. Let me ask you one question. ┬┐If you were a mid-twenties american folk singer on the 1960's wouldn't you write the same protest against those who govern the country?. Maybe Bob Dylan doesn't sing this song since years ago because he knows the ideals of a 20 year old boy in the sixties are irrelevant since the CONTEXT in wich they were written does not exisists no more.

Good Song by PPM | Reviewer: Chris | 7/5/10

Bob Dylan wrote some brilliant lyrics, but he was always such an angry man. The fact is, Change is always happening, the wheel has always turned, and what we think is unique to us has gone on before. I find it interesting that he's so quick to cast off the old if it seems to get in his way. A lot of old knowledge in many areas has been lost forever because new generations told older ones to get out of the way. Nothing changes.

Many thanks for all of the really great lyrics.

Good Song | Reviewer: John | 12/2/09

True song for the times i guess, they have changed alot over the last few dozen years, but I dont think the changes are all for the best, the streets are extended gutters and the gutters are filled with blood, i suppose thats the way its always been and always will be. anyway, Bob Dylan has such an outstanding voice to add to some brilliant lyrics that ive found myself listening to this song over and over again, the lyrics bring out a melancholy feeling for me as i hear the words sounded and what i see as the 'new times' seem to me only hope that is rapidly fading as the world gets dragged further down into a cess pool of crime and hate. The times truly are a changing.

TIME THEY ARE A'CHANGING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07


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