Greatest Folk Album Ever! | Reviewer: Grant | 7/19/12

Bob Dylan is one of the most important figures in music, America, etc. The Freewheelin' album is only his second album, but it is one of his most stunning ones. It's up there with Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, Blood on the Tracks, The Times They Are A-Changin', Blonde on Blonde, John Wesley Harding, Modern Times, etc. On a personal level, it is my favorite album by him. I am a huge folk music fan ,and I consider this the greatest folk album ever! Though it is no my favorite folk album, personally. You probably already know the critically aclaimed tracks such as : Blowin' in the Wind, Girl from the North Country, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall,and Don't Think Twice It's All Right. The rest of the tracks are just as beautiful! Bob Dylan's Dream, and Bob Dylan's Blues are truely, off the cut great songs of Dylan. Down the Highway is really fun to play on the guitar. I Shall Be Free leaves be laughing harder than the last time. Talkin' World War III Blues is my personal favorite of the album, and maybe by Dylan in general. Every single song on Freewheelin' is pure amazing story telling. These songs truely put an image in your head. It is a highly recomended from my point of view! If you like folk music, and play guitar, buy at set of harmonicas, and learn these songs while you are at it. They are so fun! I give the album a 9.5! If he maybe had something even better than the two covers he did on the album, then I'd give Bobby a perfect score. Not saying those songs are bad though. Get this! It is worth your hard earn cash!