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Performed by Bob Dylan

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Like Susan says | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/14

I agree, too, that interpreting the opening verse as negligent parenting is offensive, ludicrous. Pouring out love for their children together, for his "mystical wife."

We are not privy to their lives. I can't imagine anyone expressing love so searing without being fiercely loving while professing his "unworthiness."

As for it "not working," I don't imagine all he wanted was to win her back. Life and relationships aren't so simple. Jakob spoke of the songs affecting him, and that he had a good father. Even in divorce, knowing your parents passionately loved one another . . . .

Sara, Sara | Reviewer: glory Cloud Revelation | 5/22/13

Please take the review dated l/9/13 off...Most of us who come to this sight like Bob Dylan and we do not enjoy her unfair criticism of him personally, based on a song that he wrote. Song writers write words that aren't always what they are experiencing. Even if he "laid on a dune, and looked up at the sky when the sky when the children were babies and played on the beach, doesn't mean that Sara wasn't with them. The next line says, "You were always so close". Bob is sharing a memory about a good time he had with his family. It's a pearl...and he forgot that if you put your pearls before swine, they will trample it. Matthew 13:45

cmon | Reviewer: conal savins | 1/9/13

Cmon the poetry is a bit clunky on this one... Dylan was great at rhyming and fitting words to music, but overrated as a 'poet.' its endearing in that he was trying to win her back, but totally overwrought. And it didnt work. She left him, probly cos he was a total asshole and drugged out of his mind constantly. I wouldnt be laying on a dune looking at the sky while my childen were anywhere near the water, i would be making surw they didnt down. And actively involved playing with them. Probly wht she left him :p

Turds | Reviewer: Hamlet | 11/11/12

All of you are turds. Just fawning, one after another, without any real consideration or examination of the song from a musical or even writing perspective. It makes me sad to think of all the illiterate fans Dylan has who will just never get it. Turds-(sigh)

the best ever I heard | Reviewer: Reza Ashouri | 7/24/11

The lyric is fraught with sensationally heart striking words paying fabulous tribute to a love nested mistress named Sara. The title-- a girl's name-- rings a heavenly bell on anyone's mind apart from the pink imagery the poet presents. The austerity of the presentation of scenes the audience can visualize is another important component that adorns the porem, as well. The name Sara itself truely connotes purity and chastity a girl can cherish. Such a pretty song could have never been sung by anyone else but Bob Dylan. May Lord bless his soul and rest him in peace.

asfd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/09

something about the simplicity of lines like, "i laid on the dune, i looked at the sky when the children were babies..." its like it captures something of the way i feel about, ya know, how do people know the factual beauty of life. like minor experiences like that how you know this is all something amazing and beautiful, but your heart cries out because maybe noone can recognize it but you? or maybe because you cant hold it? i dunno.

SARAH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/09

Greatest song ever.
I loved a girl once named Sarah, and I love her and I will always love her. And i think that if i would have heard this song about 1 year ago maybe she would still be with me right now.
But I agree with someone who said that loving a girl named SARAH is the greatest thing ever.
SO MY SARAH whenever you are. I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE GIRL ! 4ever and ever!

don't ever leave me, don't ever go | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/09

i really love this song, but personally i feel more depressed than reaffirmed in the faith of love after hearing it. maybe its just the context in which bob dylan wrote it that gets me. he wrote it as an attempt to reconcile their marriage as it was falling apart in 1975-1976. its a song that i think is more complex than a man being so completely devoted to the person they love; its like he is crying out to sara, reminiscing about the great memories they share and trying to make her feel the same way about him once again. its difficult for me to hear dylan's last line "don't ever leave me, don't ever go" without wanting to cry a bit, knowing that he wrote this song while he was estranged from sara, hoping that things between them could get better

Sarah......mystical wife....!!! | Reviewer: Sara Nikolic | 5/31/09

Well I'm so prouded because my name is Sarah.....and all that because of this song.....!!! I'm love this song....and I love Bob Dylan....!!!! Big kiss for all Sarah's....I love you girls.....!!! :) I hope that someone of you will love some sarah in his life.....well if that happen.....sing them thgis song....they will love's you forever.....!

amazing song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/09

It's the most beautiful love song ever writen. It just blows my mind. My heart trembles and it brings tear to my eyes, while listening to this amazing song.It's a ballad for love, for beauty and mysticim of love. And Sara is really the luckiest woman ...Love Bob Dylan a lot!his poetry is godlike!

Achingly beautiful....... | Reviewer: Susan | 1/30/09

This is simply the most beautiful tribute to a woman that has ever been written. Dylan is the most awesome artist of the time. Listening to this song brings tears to my eyes, an ache in my heart. There has never been and never will be another like him. The imagery in this song is so poignant, capturing the passionate love Bob Dylan feels for his "mystical wife"

someone needs to write a song like this for me... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/07


i swear that sara is the luckiest woman in the world....

"Sweet virgin angel, sweet love of my life,Sara, Sara, Radiant jewel, mystical wife."

bob dylan is so amazing.

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