Review for the album Live 1966-Bootleg Series Vol. 4

------ Performed by Bob Dylan | 01/29/2005

Bob Dylan Live 1966

This may be the best live album I've ever heard. It is two discs, the first half being Dylan by himself with his acoustic guitar and harmonica, the second consisting of an electric Dylan being backed by the Band. Dylan seems to be in a trance through the first half, and his voice and harmonica play lead to the most subtly beautiful versions of those songs imaginable. But from the first snarl of the second half, he seems to be going out of his way to vent at the audience. The result is a sonic extravaganza. The thought of these two halves representing the same era of play seems impossible. The striking difference in tone of the first half and the second half can be attributed to far more than a simple change of instruments, as it is rumored that the first half is heroin induced, as opposed to the cocaine laiden second half, but that hardly matters. Dylan proves with this album that he is far more than a "voice for a generation" (whatever that nonsense mean); he is a fantasticmusician and brilliant performer. If you want to listen to a guy who is trying to be the champion of the people or a political messenger then this album is not for you. But if you want to know why Bob Dylan is really the most influential artist to come out of the Sixties, this is it (sorry, but if you really think it has anything to do with "Blowing in the Wind" or "Times Are A-Changin'" then you really need to re-evaluate).

Thanks to Greg Warrick for submitting the review.