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Performed by Blues Traveler

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I love this song. | Reviewer: Ryan | 12/23/12

In response to Deathaders first comment I am going to say: First off, get off your high horse dude. I am a fat guy and I get plenty of tail. Women love confidence and the process of getting laid is all about preselection... So I don't want to hear about another high and mighty nazi pissing and moaning about a fat guy not getting laid. Especially when his logic is full of fallacies. Plenty of fat guys get laid. Even if you don't like it.

That being said, what I got was less about that and more about the fact that some women will string a guy along when he is a nice guy, but lacks the confidence to take the step of getting close to her. Sad but true and I think it has more to do with the idea of him saying, "Take me or let me go, don't string me along.

"But you
Why you wanna give me a run-around
Is it a sure-fire way to speed things up
When all it does is slow me down"

Idiocy | Reviewer: DeathAdder | 2/15/11

Inbred? I think not. Culturally inferior? Definitely. "That fucking fat fuck whining about his fat man syndrome, and about how no girl wants to fuck him, not realizing that by merely talking to him they're being kind and polite." Funny, I didn't know that Run-around was about Popper wanting to get fucked. I'm a fan of their music, and as far as I know Ritchie, John did write this song, as I've found no cover references dating before John Popper. The song is in actuality about an argument,and a lack of talking between two people. Most Popper followers believe it was a conversation/argument with the same girl who inspired his song "Felicia," and more importantly, as anyone who listens to the lyrics, and follow anything about John Popper, it's also about his platonic relationship with Spin Doctor's Vocalist, the verses "I could not believe my eyes
When I saw through the voice of a trusted friend
Who needs to humor me and tell me lies," and again in "And soon if we're lucky we'd be unable to tell
What's yours and mine the fishings fine
And it doesn't have to rhyme so don't you feed me a line." The final verse pretty much being a dead-give away that at least in those two specific verses, he was referring to Chris Barron, who has quite a collection of clever rhyming in his music. Now, if you Neanderthals are done arguing instead of actually learning, perhaps we can get back on the subject of Music Discussion?

Izkil | Reviewer: Neil | 12/14/10

Once you can write a song of this magnitude you'll be able to get away with being a moron, because you obviously are. But until then keep trying to be good at whatever the hell you do, but you're a moron so how can you do a good job at anything. Anyone want to bet on if this guy is inbred? I think he is.

agree | Reviewer: gordon Gulliford | 5/21/10

i got to agree with ritchie here. skander your an idiot probably some wanna be rapper who makes his own shitty beats and records his even more horrendous vocals out of his closet just to sit down and mix to realize you have no fucking clue about what your doing or how music is actually made. and i dont ever think he wrote a song that had anything to do with him being fat. lets think for a second about who has been a huge influence on music and has been over weight. aretha franklin, notorious big, bb king, heavy d, and thats just off the top of my head. the fact of the matter is by trying to insult this song you actually unknowingly showed how little you know about music.

izlik the douche | Reviewer: ritchie | 1/15/10

I'm not saying this is the best song ever written, but it's made the charts and been around since 1994. How is it that it's taken you 15 YEARS to get around to pulling your fuckin head out of your ass to complain about it! Where the fuck have you been. Writing something better maybe? I highly doubt it. Who or what the fuck is a skandler izlik anyway. Never heard of you or anything you did. NO SURPRISE. NEVER WILL! You think Popper is the 1st artist to publish a song about unrequited love you fucking moron? Pretty sure just about EVERY PUBLISHED ARTIST has. IT'S A FUCKING SONG. And my guess is you're the fat pud whacking loser whose tiny dick looks like a bicycle handle grip, just whining because you know he's already TURNED DOWN more pussy than you can ever DREAM of seeing, let alone doing, fat guy or not on account of his talent alone. GROW THE FUCK UP YOU PATHETIC LOSER!

addendum to izlik the douche | Reviewer: Ritchie | 1/15/10

One more thing pud-whack, if you knew ANYTHING about Blues Traveler's music you MIGHT have known that Popper did'nt write the song, he just PERFORMED it, and performed it WELL! Educate yourself jackass before you embarass yourself with your stupidity.

rape him with the harmonica | Reviewer: skander izlik | 1/29/09

This is the worst song I can think of today. That fucking fat fuck whining about his fat man syndrome, and about how no girl wants to fuck him, not realizing that by merely talking to him they're being kind and polite. Every DJ who ever played this song should have an eye gouged out. NO TOLERANCE for white-boy hipster faux-blues!

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