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A band with sheer emotional electricity! | Reviewer: Roman Del Bosque | 10/20/07

I'm 43 and a very proud man by nature. I'm a man who reveals little or no emotion to others at all. To the world I'm solid as a rock, unshakeable...but today when I heard hate me by Blue October for the first time, something strange happened in me. I came home and couldn't get the song, the lyrics and the haunting voice of the singer out of my head. Eventually, in the evening I found myself downloading the song and reading up on Blue October. I also ended up listening to the song many more times. Before long I was crying, sobbing like a little pent up emotions oozed from my being...the result of listening to this song. All of my life I have shown those around me how strong of a man I am emotionally. But from this night on, I will not be afraid how vulnerable I actually really feel much of the time. Justin, the lead singer, I think has given me the courage with this song to show those around me my true, vulnerable and often unsure and scared side. Kudos to this band for making an impact on my life as nothing else ever has.

I LOVE BLUE OCTOBER!!! | Reviewer: Marci Secret | 9/10/07

Blue October is the best band out there right now. And I think this is just the beginning of there huge success. Justin is a lyrical gienius! I've seen two of there concerts this year, and I'll tell you they were the best concerts I've ever seen in my life!!! You have to see them live!!!Justin's voice is so powerful, hypmotizing and comforting!

Oh my goodness...... | Reviewer: Toree | 8/18/07

What is there to say, but that they reached inside and took out all the hurt. Lead singer, Justin, is not shay about telling his soul's torture...we all have them, just to different degrees. I love "Hate Me", about him losing his mom, and it was easier if she hated him, then she wouldn't have gotten killed. He has purged my demons out, thank you Blue October.

Light at the end of the tunnel | Reviewer: Julia | 7/20/07

For the 1st time in my life I can truely say that 1 song has helped me more then 4 years of abuse therapy. And again for the 1st time in my life I'm not afraid to share it with people. from the time i was 9 until i was 12 i was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by my stepfather. After his death i began self punish myself for allowing it to happen....i was committed to a hospital and began therapy...but it wasnt until i heard the song razorblade did i feel like someone in the world understood. so much of that song runs deep to my heart. (in a way i failed religion i spit the wine from mouth to cup and i reached for something more then just your God) not only had i lost my childhood but i lost my belief in God. (i freaked out thinking people didnt love letting go i am so proud of what i've done) and thats what i did i let go ....after 5 years of dealing with it ....i listened to one song and i let it all go...for my 17th birthday i went to St.Louis to the POPS night club to see them play. I stood front row and listened to everyword that came out of justins mouth. and i thanked God for putting people on this earth that truely give a damn about this world and the people in it, who's words mend wounds that have been open so long they become infected(with anger and hate). Though unintentional you guys have effected so many peoples lives...and i want to thank you for your courage to share them with others

well awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/07

this band is great. They pulled me out of depression. Had to listen to Overweight like a jillion times but they pulled me out of depression. So gratsi. Gratsi. Gratsi. Gratsi, Justin.

Pure emotion | Reviewer: Brittney | 6/5/07

I am a music buff. I love music, I live and breathe it. Never in my life have I heard a band deliver emotion as fiercely or as purely as Blue October. In the song 18th Floor Balcony you can hear the intense love, passion, and just a hint of sorrow. In Amazing, you feel the frustrating pain of wanting to be loved and appreciated. In Razorblade you feel this intense anger. This band is absolutely stunning. There are none that can match them.

Blue October | Reviewer: Hannah | 5/23/07

I have to say, Blue October is amazing. When they sing so many songs that are just beautiful. I find that i like songs more when every time i listen to them, i learn more about the song. There is so much in each of their lyrics that its like reading a book, the more you listen to the song, the more you get of the story. Particularly, "Sound of pulling heaven down" and "18th floor balcony" are like this. those are just a couple, but nearly every one of their songs are just as amazing.

Blue october deserves more credit | Reviewer: rikki | 5/13/07

They're awesome and talented. I recently discovered them by searching music engines for a song called, 'razorblade'. I first heard it on RockStar Supernova when that hot rocker chick ripped it up on stage. Supernova said they had no idea who's song that was she had done, but they liked it...
Finally found it and learned it was Blue October's song. There versions was just as great and every song I have found now that I know of Blue October.
I downloaded and listened to 'into the ocean' only to learn that I had heard it on the radio.
I hate it as much as the next when songs get played out on the radio, but sometimes bands are not given the credit deserved until they have a hit on all the stations, only then everyone flocks out to get the album. ne wayz they rock and most the greatest songs you wont hear on the radio.

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/07

this band is awesome the song hate me matches my life to the dot.

i live by blue october | Reviewer: sarahh rosee | 4/20/07

i love every song by blue october ,,, most of the songs hold so much meaning for me!! i can definately relate to the lyrics. Justin has the most amazing voice i've heard!!

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