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Performed by Blue October

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relating without reason | Reviewer: ed | 11/21/07

I don't know how I relate to this song as I haven't been like that to my mum but the song has touched me and got me to realise who are there for me despite how I treat them and what that means to have those people

Me and Him | Reviewer: Confused! | 11/8/07

This is me and my best friends song, we have always been on the verge of more and lately we have been closer than ever but he has a gf! It is complicated but this is our song, we related to it when we wernt talking, we had agreed not to see eachother at all, but then he got in touch and he was crying and all he said was that i had to listen to this song because it was so us. The wierd thing was i had downloaded it the day before by accident ( i meant to click the song above it ). So i listened to it as i thought i owed him that and then i cried to and it has been our song ever since, ( we started talking again because of this song and i dont know what i would do without him ) Thankyou Blue October.. You saved us!!!

Awesome song! | Reviewer: ladyamethyst | 11/7/07

This song reminds me so much of a lot of my ex-boyfriends, especially the one I lived with for seven and a half years. I stuck by that man through literally everything--including a car accident that nearly left him paralized, even when nobody else would, and he treated me like I was nothing. Then when I began to stress because my parents were moving four states away, he decided HE couldn't take MY stuff anymore. I couldn't hate him if I tried, and I like that he finally seems to be getting it together now, but I wish just once, that he'd say something like the lyrics of this song does. Just to acknowledge what I did for him and still do in a way.

Thank You | Reviewer: Adri | 11/3/07

Been there, done that. This song makes me feel connected to humanity, like I'm not alone, even though in my own way I am. I first heard this song in a psychiatric hospital in New Orleans. One of the staff members brought the CD in and about ten of us patients crowded around the CD player just crying, cuz we could all relate. The anger and anguish are palpable.

Aside from singing about it (for which I have no talent), any other ways u can think of to purge the rage?

clever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/07

These lyrics are incredibly clever and the song is amazing he wrote it for his mom but it's like anyone can use it for anyone it's a song that kinda sticks with you i never really liked blue october untill i stumbled on this song when i got unleashed 2006 incredible!

Riped Apart | Reviewer: Courtz | 10/27/07

very time i listen to this song i attempt to sing along but im stoped half way through by tears running down my face. 4 of my friends have killed them self because of family problems and the song being about his relationship between his mom it rips me apart.
i love this song it brings back all the good memories of them and that ill never forget them.
thank you blue october xx

my bf | Reviewer: Erica | 10/12/07

my bf and i are on and off but i finally broke up with him i guess we just werent good 2 gether but i really thought we would he just changed. when i listened 2 this song i just want 2 sing it 2 him so badly. thx blue october another great song

wow he wrote it for his Mom? | Reviewer: Renee' | 10/8/07

Dropping little reels of tape to remind me that I'm alone
Playing movies in my head that make a porno feel like home

wow sure didn't take it as he wrote for his mom... Doesn't matter never has a song hit me so hard in the gut as this song has... It's just amzing...I think anyone could relate to this song... I know I did.. WTG Blue November...

touching | Reviewer: kara | 9/26/07

I love this song! It truly gets deep into your emotions and not many songs can do that. It reminds me of my ex. we were togther almost 5 years n he still wants me but I kno I'm better off.

perfect | Reviewer: dijana | 9/26/07

this song made me cry. it perfectly describes the way i feel about my mom. i love her, but i want her to hate me and leave me alone because i was always a worthless piece of shit that she wasted 18 years on. all the tears and sleepless nights i caused her with my crap, its disgusting. it hurts to talk to her, to hear her voice, thats why i want her to just leave me alone. funny thing is, he wrote this for his mom.

life @ 17 | Reviewer: nottobe | 9/25/07

wo. I lived it. my son was 17 when his drinking began. It was hell on earth. It tore me up to watch someone so young so promising have such trouble.It continued for over 10 years. Our family suffered. We no longer speak - but I NEVER GAVE UP ON HIM. I WAS ALWAYS THERE...SOMETIMES ALONE.

The only song | Reviewer: Zach | 9/23/07

This is the one of the only songs that I find tells me how it is... The girl I like a TON just jaded me, adn I can't do a damn thing about it. I can't even find anyone to talk to about it, but I feel like crap. She just reminds me that I'm alone, with nothing to really hold to and no one to hold.

Girls | Reviewer: Zach | 9/23/07

I like some one, but it's unrequited. I've done all I can, but I'm not getting anywhere and I have nowhere else to go. If anyone has some advice, I want you to email it to me. this song makes me feel like letting her go, she jaded me. I would, but evrything reminds me of her.

Lovely | Reviewer: Artemis | 9/23/07

It reminds me of the fact that I couldn't let go of the first person I ever loved in my life.
He hardly speaks, so I guess we'll never know what we're missing out on.
I'm living a happy life now, but this reminds me of things that could have been. Also, if I'd even mean shit to him; I think it's better off this way, so perhaps, in a way, I hope he'll "hate me so you'll know what's good for you".
This is the most meaningful song I've ever heard..

Chapeau, blue october!

i cant.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/07

This is absolutly amazing.Everytime i hear it i think of more my life than anything, me and my mom arnt close and when i hear the song it makes me wana hug her,but i dont.Theres so much between us that i cant bring myself to love her again just yet.But thankyou so much,this song means alot.

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