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Performed by Blue October

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so much thought | Reviewer: shawnee | 11/5/13

The meaning of the song is always going to be different from person to person. I have to admit it almost seems to speak of a person's struggle with a mental health issue...which people often self medicate with illegal drugs and alcohol. Then you wake up and realize the damage done to personal relationships, you'll get clean but always be an addict on medication for the psychological damage done.

just a thought, maybe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/13

His mother and him didn’t have a good relationship.. She had “her demons” early on in his childhood, he doesn’t have many enjoyable memories of her during that period… although she was there sometimes, there were important times she wasn’t. she tried to strengthen their relationship in his early adulthood, unfortunately the damage was done.. He could not forgive her.. Resented her, and had already built a wall between them.. The last thing he ever said to her before she died, must have been something he could never forgive himself of. Whatever her “demons” were…he promised to himself he would never fall victim to “them“. he fell victim… and still blames her, but in his “sick way” thanks her because she is the only motivation that keeps him from not becoming the person she was.. He misses her, then again relieved she is gone, but wishes he could have done more.. ( natural response)

Truth or Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/13

this song is Justin's apology to his mother after he dropped drug addiction. After he received that voicemail message from her, he realized it was time quit drugs, because not only was he hurting himself but others close to him as well.

I fail again n again | Reviewer: Ashish | 2/20/13

I have been unable to clear my CA Final exams inspite of my honest tireless efforts. I feel so fucked up. Honest hard work yet no sound sleep is all i have deserved it seems. While all my so called friends cleared their exams and i am the only one who's left out. In this hardest time of my life, none of them care to talk to me. They all have left me at the time when i need them the most. I want all of them to hate me... "Hate me in ways....yeah the way hard to swallow..." And this song exactly describes what i am going through. Just love this song. This song is the only friend of mine in this tough time. This song is so full of emotions. Just cant stop listening.

Hate me today yet?? | Reviewer: Cindysue | 10/31/12

I interpreted this song from the album title "Foiled" . To me it was about a Meth user who was so sick on the drug he needed to beg for forgiveness from the one he loved. Now that he was sober for three long which she had left him while still an avid user. Meth takes all from you.. and// will NEVER give you a second not be "FOILED" by this drug... I KNOW..

My Mum | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/12

This song was my turning point in's what saved me. I was heartbroken...went from a 6yr abusive relationship straight into a relationship with one of my best friends. 5 months later he was killed in a road accident. The culmination of the abuse I was put through and losing the person who saved me drove me over the edge. It broke me. I delved heavily into drink and drugs - i had never ever smoked a spliff before nevermind anything heavier but i happily took whatever was given to me. The day i heard this song woke me up. The video showed me exactly how i was treatin my mother.....I havent looked back since.....

True Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/12

Obviously, this song is interpreted in different ways by different people. And that's perfectly fine. But for anyone who cares, the true meaning of the song deals with someone who has put their partner through a lot of ordeal and pain and simply wants their partner to be able to move on to someone who is better for them in the long run.

im a horrable person | Reviewer: Tim M. | 9/28/12

This is my life. I have hurt alot of peopl in my life due to drugs and the most important one i hurt was my wife. TANYA I LOVE U AND THANK U 4STANDING BY MY SIDE MY SIDE THREW MY ADDICTIONS. I COULD ASK FOR A BETTER FRIEND AND WIFE!!!!!

She deserves better... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/12

Well.. this song has alot of personal meaning to me. I'm not a saint I can claim that... And yes I've done horrible subtances :/ I still have the most amazing girl in my life.... I ran, Drove, flew everywhere i could... but She still wanted me and wanted to help me, I swear, She deserves so much better than I have been, But she's my reason I've gone clean... I love her so much....

peruvia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/11

I have a very personal meaning about this song,I see it as a friend who I tried to talk out of his addictions and keep him talking through his problems so he didnt try anything stupid again.
Time and time again he turned against me.
I stayed with him online and I love him.

Ear of the Beholder | Reviewer: Krista | 12/22/11

I've read enough posts claiming that the song means this or that. The fact is that it will have different meanings for everyone. Music is art, and as such it is subject to the interpretation of the beholder.

+things arent wat they seem+ | Reviewer: Adryan Liancoure | 11/9/11

ya'll aren't getting this the way its supposed to be gotten. it's not a song about his messed up mom relationship. but its not a "i'm sorry we're over" thing either. Justin has answered this question in interviews. His answers now tend to be vague because he doesn't want to force an interpretation on anyone, but when the album was new he was much more specific. He wrote this song originally about his ex-girlfriend. It was written to be a "please move on" song to her because he knew she was better off without him and the drunken rages. When he was working on the song he got the voice-mail from his mom that you hear at the beginning, and realized that he had a lot more people to apologize to than just his ex, so he re-interpreted it as an apology to everyone that he'd put through hard times, including both his ex and his mom especially. but his moms not a big thing in this. she was basically just there to show how screwed up he'd gotten by telling him he needed to take his medicine and that she was really worried about him.

truth of this* | Reviewer: destini | 11/9/11

hey, i dont think any of you really get this, even those of you who THINK you do. this is not a song about a guy and his messed up relationship with his mom. but its not just a heart-broken song either. its about a guy who was an alcoholic and beat his girl when he went into rages. the only thing it has to do with his mom is that she calls him at the beginning of the song cause she was worried and hadnt heard from him in a while and wanted to tell him that she loved him and to remind him that he needs to take his meds.

Dear "I Dont Have Anything" | Reviewer: destini | 11/9/11

wow thats pretty deep. you sound really poetic in a dark sorta way. i love that. melissa must've been a great chick. i dont even know how this song relates to your SITUATION, but i can see how it relates to your emotions on her subject. just know that if she HAS moved on, then the two of you just werent meant to be, and you'll move on too eventually. good luck. :) i hope you find the peace of mind you need to realize this song isnt about you, and that you're better than how this obvious guilt makes you see yourself.

Son and Mom | Reviewer: Carol | 9/14/11

I was asked to listen to this song by someone very special, that not only understands it because she sees her mom going thru this, but knows the heartaches I am enduring with both my sons-- we can only hope and pray that better days are coming, and positive energy flows. Only a mother and son going thru these times, understands these lyrics- and understands it with their heart and soul. This IS NOT about boyfriend/girlfriend heartaches-- ITS ABOUT A SON AND HIS MOM...

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