I have it on cassette.... | Reviewer: The Captain | 7/18/2007

It is by Pig Vomit, I have the album on cassette, plenty of other good songs on it including "Did you ever wonder?"

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Vagina song | Reviewer: oOdudeOo | 6/17/2007

I think its Rodney Carrington who made the song, but im not 100% sure, check it out, it could be him :)

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This is NOT the Bloodhound Gang. | Reviewer: dummy accountus | 4/21/2007

"The Vagina Song" is not on the album "Use Your Fingers" by the Bloodhound Gang. I am not 100% sure who actually sings it, but it's not The Bloodhound Gang, Weird Al Yankovic, NoFX, Monty Python, The Longpigs or Voltaire. There is some belief that it is by a band called Pig Vomit, according to http://free.house.cx/~eil/etc/notal_list.html

But I haven't seen any proof myself.

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