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Performed by Bloodhound Gang

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You're all wrong anyway.. | Reviewer: Jen | 1/4/14

Too bad none of you know your damn music. First of all, the name of this song is Fire Water Burn. Secondly, The chorus is from the ORIGINAL song 'The Roof Is On Fire' by Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three that was released in 1984.

Get over it. There's a different between commercial gain and a tribute. | Reviewer: Donavon | 4/7/10

This is just to shut everyone up. Does anyone here that is complaining about the use of Pixies lyrics even realize that he also mentions the singers name? Now, obviously, when you're going to steal from someone you wouldn't say the name of the person mere seconds away from doing it.
Get over it. Besides, this song came out in 96. I'm sure half of you weren't even born then.
Pixies weren't even a band at that point and the newly named Frank Black was going solo at the time, so who gives a fuck?
The song's been around long enough. If they gave a fuck, I'm sure they would have said something.
Not to mention all the fucking Pixies cover CDs with titles like "Pixies Fucking Die" or "Death to the Pixies - We're Better" featuring shit like Weezer.
One last time, get the fuck over it and quit reading so much into a parody song from 14 years ago.

this is stupid | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/10

The *whole point* is that the lyric sounds very much like a Pixies lyric. Similar to the line "another dick with no balls" is supposed to sound like "another brick in the wall". It isn't "ripping off", it's more or less the whole part of the joke.

For goodness sake.

so what? | Reviewer: Jordan | 1/30/10

so what if Bloodhound Gang ripped off a lyric or two? the song is pretty much a parody as are most of their other songs...infact I'm pretty sure they did a song that was made up entirley out of Ralph Wiggum quotes, aptley titled 'Ralph Wiggum'

AAAAA | Reviewer: Straz | 1/13/10

Now Iunno the pixies, but it seems to me that SOME people in these reviews are epicly butthurt about ONE FUCKING LINE which *may* or may not have been ripped from one of the pixies' songs.
Such people need to harden the fuck up, seeing as it wasn't even a particuarly GOOD lyric, or even particuarly meaningful.
Build a bridge.

I agree | Reviewer: InvaderZee | 9/3/09

I agree with SSsss. I don't know that the Pixies lyrics are especially meaningful, but they are unique. Nevertheless, I hate this song even more than I would have otherwise because they took lyrics from such a great song for this piece of crap.

pixies | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/08

yes the pixies are better than bloodhound gang (who is alose awesome) but to say that pixies lyrics are meaningful is a stretch. the song Ana, for instance is written so that the first letter of every verse spells the word SURFER. This was done becuase Frank Black was so stoned at the time he couldnt think of anything else to write. Check out subbaculture and planet of sound or little eiffel. they dont really make sense.

Lame | Reviewer: SSsss | 10/25/07

"This Monkey's gone to Heaven" -Pixies

Pixies > Bloodhound Gang

They took a line from the Pixies, a band with meaningful lyrics and talent. It automatically made me hate this band and song. They're useless.

too bad... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/07

Too bad the Rancid ripped off the 'Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three' song "The Roof is on Fire" which was released as a single in 1984. 'Lets Go!' was released 10 years later. Nice...

too bad... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/07

Too bad the Bloodhound Gang ripped off Rancid's song "Burn" which was released on the album Lets Go! in 1994. One Fierce Beer Coaster was released 2 years later. Nice...

WOOOOOOOOOO HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA | Reviewer: cody | 8/14/07

This song is tha shiznit ya'll I a mgoing to showcase it in the battle of the bands, bucking furn..LOL

the roof is on fire | Reviewer: Jecci | 6/3/07

ERROR: "Hello my name is Jimmy Poop" Should be "Hello my name is Jimmy Pop"

Error | Reviewer: Jecci | 6/3/07

"Hello my name is Jimmy Poop" should be "Hello my name is Jimmy Pop"

Another mistake -.-' | Reviewer: Woolhair | 4/19/07

ITs not lawrens Welk, but Lawrens Welkins!!!

correction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/07

there a few mistakes...
"I'm a dumb white boy" should be "Hello my name is Jimmy Poop and I'm a dumb white guy"

"I'll spend my dayys with J.F.K." is has a double y in "days"

"C'mon party girls" should be "C'mon party people"

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