such meaning to this song... | Reviewer: Jean | 5/29/13

This song, if we all lived so simply by the would be so much simpler and happier. What goes up, must come down - we will have our good days and our bad...get off the pony ride and enjoy the good times when they present themselves...for a short time things can get crazy and seem endlessly downward - one may think things will never be good again...yet, behold the painted pony..get back up on the saddle - forge ahead for What goes up must come down....likewise it will also go back up again. Life is about Trials and is how we handle those times - gooe or bad - that make the true difference in life. I live my life that way and find I always end up, no matter how bad - back on the pony going up!!!! Live life, enjoy - LIFE REALLY IS GOOD!!!

WHo wrote Spinning Wheels for Real???// | Reviewer: corin | 8/9/08

The song Spinning Wheels was realy written by Leola Rabb of Seattle Washington back in the early 60's- she had taken her kids to the park, where they rode the merry-go-round, on a painted pony and the spinning wheel. whe sat on a park bench watching them and writing the Lyrics back in that day songs were sold and rights given away-due to lack of knowledge. 250.00 for a song that yet makes $$$. Oh well live and learn.