Great | Reviewer: Pascal | 6/26/07

Im from Holland, never heard the song before, but some time ago i heard it, and now im addicted to B182.. And this is my fav song. and to Anonymous with the bad comment.. Grow up, and learn 2 appreciate this band!

:] | Reviewer: Mary bliiinka♥ | 6/25/07

Hii , I'm Mary but my friends call me Bliinka :]
Blink rocks SOO MUCHH♥
I just love them :D♥
They're my favourite band and i had been listening to them since they've started :]
They just rock my world♥
I've went to a concert of them and i just love it
The best concert in my liiife♥
I can play all the tabs of theem . I practice them everyday :]

In this moment i'm listening the rock show♥
It's one of my favourite songs of theem :D
I like to meet some blink fans :]
Sooo . Just add me :]

Kisses dudee . !

And don't forgeet..


I Heart Blink 182 | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/17/07

this is deff. one of my favorite songs by them!! i love them soo muchhhhhhh=D

Band | Reviewer: Austin | 6/18/07

This is an awesome song! My Band and I are doing this song for the entire school!!!!

Doesn't it go like this: | Reviewer: Dan | 6/5/07

Doesnt the part where you put: "That's about the time that she hung up on me" Isn't that part: "That's about the time that she broke up on me" It is only a one word difference but I still think that I am right... You should listen to the song and see for yourself. It is a great song by the way!

☺☺☺what's MY age again??? | Reviewer: ♥kayley♥ | 5/20/07

This song matter what anyone says! I LOVE BLINK 182!

Peace | Reviewer: Tom | 4/12/07

Thanks guys for all you feedback
You Guys Rock!

blink is best! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/07

hey blink u suck dog shit , im not makign fun of your gay song , ure a failure,penis cancer bye

im a lonner | Reviewer: allysa moreanna steliana fansteniet krabapple | 3/12/07

im a lonner thats 22 and still in first, i am wasting my time hear,witing too u(see wat i mean)i love blink 182, its like my only friend.heres the not real;no ,im just in your head.cause i can see you .oh ,all alone ,by your computer.get a life!!!sicko

this is one of my favourite songs!! | Reviewer: Inna | 2/19/07

I remember the first time I heard that song. I was 8 years old and I watched the music video on tv. I didn't know the name of the band back then so I just called them 'the naked dudes from mtv' =D

Whats my age again! | Reviewer: Nick | 1/29/07

This song is great but when your actually 23 you feel REALLY childish!

awesome stuff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/06

whats my age again is the best song i've ever heard. it rocks

BLINK 182!!!!!! U ROCK | Reviewer: Sophie | 1/29/06

i jst love blink 182 nd wats my age again is one of my favorite songs!!!!!!!!!! they rock soooooooo much!!!!!!!! evryone who doesnt like them is too dumb to live!!!!!!

blink-182 | Reviewer: geraldine | 12/10/04

blink-182 is one of my favorites groups...........they are cool so what can i said???? they are all from me!!!!!!!!!!