hehehe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/07

i act like an idiot all the time :D this song inspires me :D but im not stuipid enough to turn tv on when im about to get laid LOL <3 blink 182
cant wait to try the prank phone calls about sayin yout the cops:D

This Song Rules!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/07

A.D.D. stands for attention deficit disorder. It can also be called A.D.H.D., which means attention deficit hyperactivy disorder. All that basically mean that someone whith that disorder is always active and has lots of enery and a short attention span. They can also get pretty annoying sometimes.

This song is so awesome!!!! It is just like me, I am really immature for my age. One of my favorite hobbies is acting like an idiot with my friends, escecially in public.

ADD | Reviewer: e | 12/1/07

A.D.D. is attention deficit disorder. It's basically the inability to concentrate on anything long enough to get it accomplished and it's linked to A.D.H.D. which attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which also takes into account the added bonus of not being able to sit still. This is a pretty sweet song. Only another year til I'm 23 haha.

What's My Age Again? | Reviewer: Cody | 11/29/07

I am in LOVE with this song. I play it over and over agian whenever I can. I don't know what the letters "A.D.D." stand for, but its an attention disorder. Later People.


what the fuckin shit is a ADD???????? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

tHis song is ONE of the BEST songs ever, but can a kind muthapphucka tell me what tha fuckin hell is ADD????? the songs rock and it's really collegy or from college, oh muthapphuckin piece of shit where the hell... Yo momma's so stupid, when i saw her rollin' a trash can on the street i asked her what is she doin' and she said 'movin'... yeah yeah i'm preety smart

blink182 | Reviewer: =] | 10/15/07

that second line sorta sounds like "i walked alone" but "wore cologne" makes more sense.
this is my favourite blink 182 song, maybe my favourite song ever and im gonna be like that when i'm 23 lol.
blink 182 fucking rock and always will. :)

blink rules! | Reviewer: carolina | 10/14/07

i love blink and i meet them no so far i had heard some songs and i like them but when i really start to hear them i notice they where and are fabulus i love them and blink rulessss!!!

so cool | Reviewer: Travis, the fun | 10/6/07

the best song in the world, it's old but great!!
well men, i´m argentine, the argentains don't like that music, they are ignorant, but not me.
Blink 182 is my favourite band, everybody have to listen to it. no more.
aguante Blink 182!!. luck amigos(friends)Bye.

ilovethisosng! | Reviewer: ;eesme | 10/6/07

i love tthis song! i think is the best song of blink-182 i don't know i really love it, it's my favorite song of them! i've never gone to a blink 182's concert but if i had the opportunity
obviously i would be there!...

Blink 182 rocks! | Reviewer: Martin | 9/22/07

Greetings from Denmark!
Blink is the best band ever. This song reminds me that youth wont last 4ever and that you have to value your youth. It would be a shame to waste it :)

"No one should take themselves so seriously"

ADD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/07

I thod it was "What the hell is A DVD" ^^
ohwell, good song anyways...
so, whst the hell is ADD?

I <3 Blink 182 | Reviewer: Anonymus | 9/4/07

I love Blink 182! This song is my fave by them. I really like the part when it goes "then later on, on the drive home I called her mom from a pay phone I said I was the cops and your husbands in jail and the state looks down on sodomy"

i never want to act my age | Reviewer: alex | 9/6/07

what the hell is ADD?

the stupid questions and the story of this song make me laugh everytime. good song b182though im not at all familiar with the band im glad i no this one.

what's my age again? | Reviewer: cla ra | 8/21/07

what's my age again?this is a good question..B182 reminds me some important memories in my life..they're fantastic!I love them!they're look like my friends!

love it | Reviewer: ignacia | 7/19/07

blink reminds me so much of the times when i was a little kid hahaha. i used to watch them in mtv, i loved their songs but had no idea of the name of the band... now that i'm older i still love them, but now i know their names hahaha.