I never wanna act my age! | Reviewer: MarkHoppusLovesMeDearly | 12/22/11

All the people in school all wanna grow up and be mature and shit but I'm here with blink-182 like "What's my age again?". Seriously I never wanna grow up I still wanna be the kid who plays games, watches punk music on TV, listen to Punk music and wear anything but shit grown up stuff! WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN? I LOVE BLINK-182!!!!!

Immature and I don't care! | Reviewer: ChelsGC_182 | 10/29/11

This is one of the first song that got me into Blink-182 and just the humor and the energy of this song his motivates me to just be me, don't care what anyone says and no matter how old you get, you can still be the kid you once were. This is what blink taught me! I love the music video and running naked is a genius idea. It's so sad this was blocked in YouTube cuz of Mark, Tom and Travis being naked. VEVO is so boring! Anyway love this! I love ma boys! One of the legendary punk songs in my playlist! <3

What's my Age Again? | Reviewer: Anonymousblink182ngreendaynsum41ntheoffspringn+44fan | 10/11/11

it's fcking irritating that on youtube , you can only watch it if yur over 18 cause they're running around the town naked and that's so stupid oh and btw i really like the hi-hat line in the verse of The Rock Show very easy but so cool. and also did you know that sum 41's fat lip is scientifically the third cachiest song of all time kinda cool,

Illegal | Reviewer: Rinus | 5/30/10

Sodomy was illegal in many states in the US untill the supreme court made it legal through federal jurisdiction in 2003! Since the album was released in 1999 it would explain the illegal side of sodomy mentioned in the song ;-) Greets from Europe! p.s. Love the song too hehe

Speaks to me | Reviewer: Darryl | 2/5/10

I love this song, might be my favourite of Blink-182. It truly speaks to me as I've never acted my age, hell I'd rather stay in and watch South Park then go out to a club, and I have turned on SP when I was about to get laid and I still got laid.
Sodomy isn't just anal sex its Oral and beastiality so I think his talking about her husband having sex with a dog or something, why in the hell would he be arrested for doing someone up the ass?

I did it!!!! | Reviewer: christy | 12/9/09

I sang this in front of my classmates and my teacher who can't speak english well. but my classmates understood it.. so it worked ...in other case I could be pushed by the teacher glad she is a dumb in english

What's My Age Again - Review | Reviewer: Anthony | 7/21/09

For all the couples out there that share this as their song,you might want to change it.This is a break-up song.Quoting the song "That's about the time she walked away from me."That means she leave's.It does do well as a good break-up though,just like "Dammit."

Funny truth | Reviewer: Sandra | 4/1/09

Hahaha! It's funny what terms these guys use...givin dat they are refreshingly funny.. I even had a good laugh jus readin the reviews.. But hey, no one really acts their age.. No 1 shld take themselves so seriously!

sodomy | Reviewer: richie | 12/31/08

hahahahahahahaaaaaaahhhhahaha for those of you who know the meaning of sodomy and for those who dont;intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman. remember this line "i said I was the cops
And your husband's in jail
This state looks down on sodomy"

Greatt. | Reviewer: Becky | 12/18/08

This is a good Blink song. All of their songs are good, but this one seems to catch the attention of younger people who can't settle down. I have to admit, I'm one of them. But seriously, why would you tell some one to grow up? That's almost like wishing death on them is you actually think about it.

Blink 182 - the GREAT | Reviewer: xeeshan | 10/8/08

They are simply great.

I hardly speak English and can't understand an English song properly but ever since I have listened to their 'First Date' I became their fan and dug out all of their famous tracks from Ineternet and who care what they sing when the music and rhythm of their tracks is so outclass.

Love This Song! | Reviewer: Steven | 8/19/08

You know, I might only be 18, but that 1st chorus really is me! I mean, I should be out doing what normal people do, yet instead I'm in hear jamming to music while searching for contestants on The Amazing Race and Survivor! Plus, I have ADD.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Courtney | 8/5/08


I think its funny that the guy is just an idiot in the song. But hey, thats Blink 182 for you. I mean seriously, they are always joking with everything. And make the most random songs! But thats what made us love them! And its funny that he turns on TV instead of getting laid!

hmb... Blink182 | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/26/08

wow i think people over exagerate how good the song is. i mean its kewl and everything but c'mon... its not AWESOME! O_o and yeah it does sound like "i walked her home" not "i wore cologne" lol still kewl though. this is my fave song by them. but seriously who would turn on the TV when they're bout to get laid? i dont think any guy would do that haha.

What's my age again? | Reviewer: Maddy. | 6/18/08

The other day I was at my boyfriends, and we were making out, but as soon as I took off his pants, he had to get ready for work.. This song's been stuck in my head ever since.. but he's sixteen, not twenty-three :P