love this <3 | Reviewer: amberr | 11/21/10

1. I fucking love this song. Too much to even describe. This is my relationship with my ex, and the aftermath, to a T. "We would stay up all through the night. We would laugh and get high"
That's 80% of our relationship right there. All we ever did was get stoned.

2. @Dude man, Mark said himself Tom wasn't present when they broke up. He had his manager or something call and tell them.

emo lol | Reviewer: Carlos | 3/20/10

ill be damned if emo doesn't stand for emotion. seldom is there a song which has no emotion and is good. feeling sad is not the only emotion, but everyone has some sad moments in life. i dont know of anything wrong in expressing yourself through music whether its sadness, happiness, or anything inbetween. all you idiots bashing "emo" music are stupid. blink182 ftw. classifications for everything nowadays is bogus.

Goooooood Soonnnggggg | Reviewer: Cierra Gunderson ;] | 9/15/09

Wowwww. Ok. I must say, I love Blink 182 and I'm so glad they're getting back together...
And this has got to be one of my favorite songs by them. It's currently on my Myspace :D
I can relate to it.

And seriously? Everyone's fighting about emo? emo means "emotionaly hardcore". it's a music genre.
Get over it.

You guys are all morons... | Reviewer: HeartAttack | 8/24/09

If you knew anything, then you'd know that this song isn't about some personal feelings Tom had for someone. This song is based off of emotions that a MOVIE he watched extended to him. Jeeze, people.

you guys got it all wrong. | Reviewer: phill | 8/6/09

"I'm sick of always hearing
All the sad songs on the radio
All day it is there to remind an over sensitive guy
That he's lost and alone, yeah"

right here he's not saying he's sick of all the songs about being emo and he's sick of over-sensitive people. He's saying that the sad songs remind HIM (an oversensitive guy) that he's lonely. they aren't making fun of emo kids. and by the way, you should all check up your definitions of "emo". it could be pretty offensive to some kids to label them as something like that. back on topic though, this song is amazing, and really moves me. good job blink :]

umm..okay? | Reviewer: Skit | 6/18/09

sum of u guys have relli misinterpretted the song, when he says he hates hearing all the sad songs on the radio its because they remind him of the relationship he just lost, not because theyre emo, he'd probably like them if they didnt bring these feelings up in him. so yeah, not hypocritical at all, its just a sad song that mentions other sad songs

blah | Reviewer: ash | 5/9/09

why care if some one said there emo?... it's music and this is a very good song...

and i can reltate to it and im sure a million other people could as well.

just enjoy it and stop moaning about some one saying there emo. What gives any of you the right to call some one a dick head?...cuz they had an opinion on a song you all need to grow up.

its a small song but done very well.

HATERRRSSS | Reviewer: to the haters | 4/1/09

hey this is for all of you fucking hatterss out there. ok so if you fucking talk shit about this song, i want you to come back whit a song of your own song and if its better then i give you your props and you have a right ot be saying shit.But if you dont then you know what you can suck my big fucking cock you little whore((you dont know what the fucking "emo" is so go do what my friend Adam told you to do...
"fuck a dog! !"

Emo? | Reviewer: Joe | 3/31/09

Relax now kiddies. First off, the term 'emo' comes from the word emotional. Is this not an emotional song? It's certainly not Toms amazing guitar skills that creativity that pull you in. Blink was hardly punk as much as Pop Punk. There is nothing wrong with pop punk or emo. A good band is diverse and doesn't necessarily adhere to the restrictions of genres. Let's all just agree that this song is just a good song, and not feel that we have to label it as something beyond that.

Meow | Reviewer: Dude man | 11/17/08

Blink-182 broke up in a room, everyone there plus the manager. Tom was there (saying this to comment below me). And it's kinda more like Travis and Mark stopped talking to Tom because they hate his guts. Which is actually lyrics in +44 (Travis and Mark's new band). I think it's "this isn't goodbye, this is I can't stand you".

ANYWAYS, I pretty much love this song. Definitely one of there most serious songs, and most meaningful. Right up there with Adam's song and Fuck A Dog. Haha just kidding about that 2nd one...