Jamie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/07

yea i think its a reli sweet song, i like it loads. its kinda hpocritical of tom tho, cause hes just an emo kid himself in ava.

so lovely | Reviewer: corinna | 4/15/07

this is such a nice song and i agree with Chris Morris x

Anti Emo Movement | Reviewer: Chris Morris | 3/6/07

This song is about Blink 182's disgust for the newly established emo movement. Where songs are often about guys who are 'over-sensitive' and 'lost and alone'. The author longs for the time when boys where strong and capable to stand on their own opposed to being weak, not being able to handle something going wrong.

Perfect Break-Up Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/05

Every have a relationship that was great and you thought everything was perfect until that person called you to tell you that they had just slept with your best friend? This song is about that. How everything you see and hear reminds you of that person and the time you spent together and you beat yourself up over what happened.